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Sic Digital's Mortal Kombat Realm
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A lot of the MK info came from this site, mostly the FAQ by Forrest Porter, which can be viewed HERE
Lots of sprites and images came from here.
Some moves/kodes came frome here.
All the MK Deception moves/krypt links came from here.
Most of the box art came from here.
Got some images and info from this site, too.
The MK: Deception Koncept Art came from Midway...

This site offers many MK animations, comics, photos, etc.  Some are real, some are submitted by various fans and whatnot.  Check it out - it's got lots of kool stuff on it!  The webmaster's a nice guy, too, and sent me this e-mail:

Hey, Great job with your MK Deception Site! I really enjoyed your little review of the overall MK storyline the most. I was wondering if you would like to exchange links with me. I noticed you don't have a links section right now, but I'd really like for you to add one so we could link ach other. If you do want to, here is my information.
Thanks! See ya,
~ ]{0MBAT

The link is on the left-hand column... go check it out!

Sic Digital:
This is my site.  It serves two purposes: (1) It's a "personal" type site that includes a photo album, my videogame collection & history, some funny MP3s my friends and I made with ACID 4.0, and so-on.  (2) It's a "main hub" to my other two sites - this one, and the other...
My NASCAR site gets the most time and devotion; it's updated the most.  It serves two purposes: (1) It's a general Nextel Cup series news/info site that contains recent stories, points standings, race results, and more.  (2) It also focuses on the latest console-version NASCAR game; with car-setups, cheats, game info and the like.