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Sic Digital's Mortal Kombat Realm
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The Story So Far...
The One Being and the Kamidogus
In the beginning before existence, there was the One Being and the Elder Gods. The One Being fed off the Elder Gods. He was everything then the six Elder Gods with the use of the six Kamidogu smashed the one being into six major realms known as Earthrealm, Netherrealm, Orderrealm, Chaosrealm, Edenia, and Outworld.

The realms are the shattered consciousness of the One Being and he has been subconsciously working through the Dragon King to fuse the Kamidogu into one again which would bring merge all the realms together and eventually all the beings back into the One Being, if this happens everything will cease to exist once again. The Elder Gods hid each Kamidogu in each of the realms that was created from smashing the One Being.

The Fall of Shinnok
Thousands of years ago after the Earth realm was formed, the Elder God named Shinnok decided to try and take the Earth realm and have unlimited power. Not wanting a confrontation by the other Elder Gods, Shinnok created an amulet that would allow him access to the Earth Realm without intervention from the other two Elder Gods; this amulet could only be created once.

Unfortunately for Shinnok; the Elder Gods (including himself) appointed a protector for the Earth realm, this protector is known as the God of Thunder- Raiden.

Shinnok and Raiden battled for centuries for the fate of the Earth realm. Raiden eventually defeated Shinnok and with the other Elder Gods assistance, and banished Shinnok to the Netherrealm, a place that is inhabited by demons and a place that twists mortals into vicious monsters called Onis. However on Earth the war caused a near extinction of the raptor race, few raptors fled to the realm of Zaterra.

Earth was then faced by centuries of darkness. Shinnok upon entering the Netherrealm was attacked by Lucifer (the ruler of the Netherrealm) and his minions, Shinnok would exist to be tortured and tormented for thousands of years. On Earth Raiden discovered Shinnok's amulet and how it allowed him access to Earth. Raiden called forth humans to build a temple in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal and housed the amulet in the temple and appointed the Gods of fire, earth, water, and Fujin the God of wind to guard the amulet. This story has been forgotten over time with the exception of one document known as the map of elements, which is the only evidence of the story.

The Dragon King
The Dragon King, Onaga, is the first known emperor of Outworld. He was an accomplished campaigner and commanded the greatest army any realm has seen, they were known as the Dragon King's undefeatable army. The secret of their undefeatable ness lies in the Onaga himself.

Onaga's heart has the power to resurrect any living thing and kept constantly resurrecting his army after each battle. One day Onaga's advisor, Shao Kahn poisoned the Dragon King to claim Outworld for himself, Onaga died before his holy men could incubate the last great dragon egg. It was then prophesied that the Dragon King would return upon the hatching of the dragon egg.

The Dragon King's undefeatable army allowed themselves to be ritually killed and buried in the tomb with the Dragon King and await his second coming, the tomb and its portal is taken care of by an unknown person. The Dragon King's holy men then searched for a place where they could incubate the dragon egg, at first they were hoping to incubate it in the Sarna Ruins, but with growing instability of the land, they were forced to incubate it in a molten cavern far from this location.

The Rise of Shao Kahn
It was around this time in an evil realm called Outworld that a new evil power was rising- the name of the emperor was Shao Kahn and he was on a campaign to conquer the realms as well as claiming the Kamidogu.

Shao Kahn had the documents on how to merge the Kamidogu and kept it in his realm of Outworld. Three of the realms Kahn conquered were the realms of Zaterra, Edenia and a Vampire realm. The realm of Zaterra is where the raptor people fled to after the war between Raiden and Shinnok. Shao Kahn eventually took total control of the realm of Zaterra, the raptors were killed and close to extinction. One raptor named Reptile eventually became apart of Shao Kahn's army.

One other raptor survived and was the only one who knew the truth about their race, her name was Khameleon. However Shao Kahn was not satisfied with the conquering of Zaterra and continued to conquer other realms, another realm that Shao Kahn managed to take was the vampire realm. Shao Kahn bounded the vampire realm and his realm of Outworld by means of a mystical orb. Some vampire people possessed the power to travel the realms though a gemstone they wore around her neck to feed off the blood of other species, but with restrictions, they had to travel in the opposite hemisphere of the realms sun's harmful UV rays, they also kept records of the realms.

Shao Kahn's other realm he took was the realm of Edenia. Edenia was ruled by King Jerrod and Queen Sindel and had a daughter named Kitana. Shao Kahn gained access to Edenia and fought in a tournament to control Edenia. King Jerrod and Shao Kahn fought for the fate of Edenia; however Shao Kahn emerged victorious, killed Jerrod, and took Queen Sindel as his bride and Kitana as a step daughter.

The thought of serving Shao Kahn drove Sindel mad and she committed suicide. Enraged, Kahn withheld her soul from moving on and used it as a token over Jerrod and a reminder to Kitana of his power.

As with the realm of Zaterra, Shao Kahn chose people to be trained as warriors, one was Kitana's close friend named Jade. Another Edenian named Rain, whose father was a General of Edenia's army and was murdered by Shao Kahn, was smuggled out of the realm as a small child. Shao Kahn's next target was the Earth Realm.

The Rise of Shinnok in the Netherrealm
In the later part of the millennium in the Netherrealm, Shinnok was about to have a change in his fortune and in his favor. A free roaming sorcerer known as Quan Chi offered to assist Shinnok to overthrow Lucifer and in return only wanted to rule by Shinnok when he escapes the Netherrealm.

Shinnok agreed and they waged a war that lasted for centuries, the war came to an end when Shinnok slew Lucifer and became ruler of the Netherrealm. In return Shinnok granted Quan Chi the position of arch sorcerer in the Netherrealm.

However Shinnok had nothing to rule except a dead realm and he tried his best to emulate it to look as close to Earthrealm as best he could, and transformed the demons to look as human as possible.

The Brotherhood of the shadow was created as a group that worships and serves Shinnok. An early member was a demon named Ashrah, she had been loyal for years in the Brotherhood of Shadow however she questioned one command from Quan Chi one day and was ordered by her sisters to be slain to be made an example of.

Ashrah escaped and discovered a sword, she quickly came to realize that the sword purified her soul with each demon she slayed with it. She is now on a quest to purify herself enough to escape the Netherrealm.

Shinnok however was not satisfied with the ruling the Netherrealm, he has always wanted to be the ruler supreme of all reality. However the only way he can escape the Netherrealm is if he somehow regained his amulet back and the only way to find the amulet was to find the Map of Elements, which was only known to a select few including the shaolin warrior known as Kung Lao.

Corruption of the Tournament
It was around this point that Shao Kahn decided to start his invasion of the Earth realm, however little did Kahn know that after his takeover of Edenia, wise men in the far east in the Earth realm received visions about Shao Kahn and appeased to the Elder Gods about their concern that Shao Kahn may someday take the Earth realm, it was for this reason the Elder Gods created the tournament called Mortal Kombat.

This tournament was hosted in the Shaolin temples and at first was used to compete for honor and glory every generation. Then one day Shao Kahn sent his servant Shang Tsung to the Earth realm to unbalance the furies in the Mortal Kombat tournament to atone for his crimes in Outworld.

Shang Tsung immediately won the title of Grand Champion; however Shang Tsung was also cursed and must take his opponents lives and steal their souls to maintain his youth. However before being able to win 10 Mortal Kombat tournaments, a shaolin monk named Kung Lao, with his speed and strength, overpowered Shang Tsung and won Grand Champion.

During Shang Tsung's absence, he was forced to consume souls on his own to keep him alive; he then discovered a master swordsman named Kenshi. Shang Tsung recognized that Kenshi was a descendent of a long line of warrior kings and Shang Tsung was determined to consume the souls of the warrior kings. Kenshi was also an accomplished warrior and slew many great warriors, after slaying a master swordsman in Japan, Shang Tsung under the name of Song came up to Kenshi and told Kenshi of a ancient and historically important sword and convinced Kenshi he should have the sword.

Kenshi convinced himself that he should have the sword to reflect his greatness and agreed to meet Shang Tsung in China to go and retrieve it. Shang Tsung led Kenshi down the labyrinth tomb and tricked Kenshi into opening up a heavy stone lid that would contain the sword, however upon opening up the stone Kenshi was blinded by a green blast that was a result of the releasing the souls of his ancestors which also left Kenshi blinded.

Shang Tsung consumed the souls, prolonging his life and left Kenshi to die in the tomb, however a force from the source led Kenshi out of the tomb, Kenshi now seeks vengeance on Shang Tsung and vows to return his ancestors souls to the sword. Years later after the death of 1 of 3 tournament masters, Shang Tsung returned and brought with him another warrior who inhabited Edenia, his name was Goro and he belonged to a race of half human, half dragon called shokan.

Goro battled in the tournament and eventually fought the champion Kung Lao, Goro's speed and strength proved too much for Kung Lao, even though he fought hard and long, he eventually lost and Goro became the next Grand Champion.

Shang Tsung then took Kung Lao's soul and took control of the Mortal Kombat tournament and corrupted it and would guarantee Shang Tsung immortality which he greatly desired. Goro would then go on and win another 8 tournaments making a nine generation streak and leaving Earth one more opportunity to defend itself.

During this period an Outworld master named Bo Rai Cho was hard at work training warriors to defeat Shang Tsung, Bo Rai Cho being an Outworld warrior was restricted from the tournament, for if he won it would be in the name of Shao Kahn because of his origin. So far all have been failures.

The Unholy Deal
 It was around the time of the last Mortal Kombat tournament will be taking place that the sorcerer Quan Chi and the sorcerer Shang Tsung met and both were able to help each other out and make a deal. In this deal Shang Tsung would search through Kung Lao's memory and discover the location of the secret map of elements that would lead to Shinnok's amulet and offer it to Quan Chi in exchange Quan Chi would take Queen Sindel's soul and give it to Shinnok in the Netherrealm to taint the soul with evil and reincarnate it on the Earthrealm, which would give Shao Kahn the power to step through the dimensional gates and reclaim his queen and take the Earth realm, whether not Goro won the 10th Mortal Kombat tournament.

However, what Shang Tsung failed to inform Quan Chi about was the fact that the temple of elements was guarded by the four elemental gods of the Earth realm, Fujin, the God of wind, earth, water, and fire. The mere existence of the elemental gods made it impossible for the sorcerer Quan Chi to retrieve the amulet that the Map of Elements led to.

However a human could, if Quan Chi could manage to get the right human that could defeat the elements he would be able to retrieve the amulet, thus Quan Chi later enlisted the help of Sub-Zero of the Lin Kuei and Scorpion of the Shirai Ryu.

Shujinko's Quest for the Kamidogus
Shujinko was a young boy that lived in a small village in the Earthrealm. His adventure started one day when he was outside in the courtyard playing the ancient Mortal Kombat battle of Kung Lao and Goro. Shujinko had always wanted to compete in Mortal Kombat and defeat Shang Tsung to become the Grand Champion.

Then a bell rang and Bo Rai Cho had to meet with Bo Rai Cho for a class in martial arts. He took several classes that day and became confident in his martial arts abilities. After Shujinko completed all his lessons with Bo Rai Cho he wanted to head out of the village and into the world, however Bo Rai Cho would not let him until he felt Shujinko was ready and told Shujinko to develop his skills further, discouraged, Shujinko complied with Bo Rai Cho and turned back.

Just then Shujinko meet a spirit named Damashi who is an emissary for the Elder Gods. He tells Shujinko of an important mission that the Elder Gods want Shujinko to do. Shujinko wanted to help but made note that Bo Rai Cho would not allow it, in answer Damashi granted Shujinko the power to absorb the powers of many warriors. Shujinko then heads back to Bo Rai Cho and tells him that he is ready to prove himself in combat and defeats Bo Rai Cho in a spar. Bo Rai Cho will then be convinced that Shujinko is ready and offers to train Shujinko at Bo Rai Cho's house located just outside the village.

Shujinko feels honored and tells Bo Rai Cho he will be at Bo Rai Cho's house shortly after completing a few tasks. Outside the village walls Damashi greets Shujinko again and tells him that he is the Elder Gods champion and tell Shujinko more about his mission and how he has to find the Kamidogus in the different realms to help the Elder Gods. He also says that the Elder Gods created portals and the Nexus to aid him in his quest and Damashi leaves.

Shujinko arrives at Bo Rai Cho's house and Bo Rai Cho offers to teach Shujinko all he knows about combat. Shujinko decided to train with Bo Rai Cho and they trained for five years then Bo Rai Cho felt Shujinko was ready to go out on his own. Bo Rai Cho asks Shujinko if he can find his warriors medallion, Bo Rai Cho lost it somewhere and recalled having it at the docks and told Shujinko to search there. Shujinko was happy to assist his mentor and set for the docks and decided to start asking around for the medallion, comes across a fisherman that lived on the shore, the fisherman informs Shujinko that Bo Rai Cho left it there a few nights ago when they were drinking Outworld liquor, he said he would get it but a group called the Brigands attacked him and stole his key and now he is locked out of the house. Shujinko tell the fisherman that he is going to teach the brigands a lesson. Shujinko comes across 3 people who admitted to taking the fisherman's tackle box which has the key to the house and tells Shujinko to stay out of it, Shujinko knocks out the leader and retrieves the key for the fisherman.

The fisherman tells Shujinko to come in and Shujinko retrieves the warriors medallion. He is on his way to return it to Bo Rai Cho when he is stopped by Damashi and Damashi suggests Shujinko keeps it for the time being since it will prove to warrior masters of great skill, Shujinko complies with Damashi's request.

Shujinko then arrives at the Lin Kuei training ground and convinces the grandmaster that Shujinko is a great warrior and proves it by the Warrior's medallion, the Grandmaster is impressed and tells Shujinko to go inside the Lin Kuei temple and be trained to be a Lin Kuei warrior. After his training the Grandmaster instructs Shujinko to head to the west and meet a Lin Kuei warrior there who has claimed to find a hidden object. When Shujinko meets up with the Lin Kuei warrior he informs Shujinko that the Red Dragon are around and know that the Lin Kuei have it, he instructs Shujinko to take it back to the Lin Kuei temple while they distract the Red Dragon, Shujinko complies, however Damashi appears before Shujinko and tells him that he cannot return the item which turned out to be the Kamidogu to the Lin Kuei, Shujinko is instructed to find and walk through the portal to the Nexus.

Shujinko finds the portal and Damashi instructs Shujinko to raise the Kamidogu, Shujinko does and the portal opens and Shujinko walks through. The portal led to the Nexus, Damashi appears and tell Shujinko that it was made to help the Elder Gods champion, he tells Shujinko that it is a portal to the realms and that he should place the Kamidogu on the alter, Shujinko does and the portal to the Netherrealm opens up and Shujinko walks through.

In the Netherrealm Damashi once again appears to Shujinko and tells him that his soul would not normally be able to exist here unless his soul was tainted with evil and told Shujinko that the Kamidogu probably rested outside the city and in the plains of the Netherrealm.

Shujinko approached a demon named Ashrah and asks if she is from the Netherrealm since it does not look like she is. Ashrah says that she is but she found an ancient sword that when she slays demons with purifies her soul and one day she hopes to escape the Netherrealm, after Shujinko tells Ashrah he is from Earthrealm she offers to train Shujinko in combat suitable to protect himself from the hostile Netherrealm residence, Shujinko accepts. After the training Shujinko feels confident about braving the depths of the Netherrealm, Ashrah suggests that he tests his skills against another warrior to see if he is truly ready, Shujinko looks forward to the test and they both head into the Netherrealm plains. Shujinko catches up to Ashrah where she is being confronted by a Tarkatan warrior sent by Shao Kahn to deal with Ashrah for slaying Shao Kahn's men, Ashrah defeats the Tarkatan warrior but tells Shujinko that he was not a full demon so his death didn't do much to uncorrupt her soul, she tells Shujinko if he sees the powerful Ermac, lead him to her, Shujinko complies.

Shujinko finds Ermac, but did not know it was Ermac, who he finds out is also looking for a demon by orders of Shao Kahn, he is however concerned that he will not have enough strength to destroy the demon since the Netherrealm drains his powers, he instructs Shujinko to find the soul stone and in return will teach Shujinko his combat skills. Shujinko finds the soul stone and reveals its location to Ermac right away, after Ermac's strength returns he explains about the soul stones purpose and trains Shujinko in his combat skills.

After the training, Shujinko finds out that Ermac is also looking for Ashrah on orders of Shao Kahn, Shujinko tells Ermac that Ashrah is also looking for him and points Ermac in Ashrah's direction. Ermac races to find Ashrah, Shujinko arrives to see Ashrah and Ermac prepare for battle, Ashrah tells Ermac he will bring her one step closer to being released from the Netherrealm, Ermac tells Ashrah that he is no demon and she will pay for killing Shao Kahn's allies.

Ermac wins the battle and taunts Ashrah that she will need to dish out more to defeat him, Ashrah complies, the fight raged on out of Shujinko's sight, however in their battle place the Kamidogu was left behind, Shujinko took it. When Shujinko gets back to the city gates he calls for Damashi and he appears. Shujinko wonders why he has not seen Damashi in a long time and Damashi explains that he is hesitant about traveling to the Netherrealm because if he stays there too long or goes too deep into the plains his avatar could be stuck there forever.

Shujinko informs him of the Netherrealm Kamidogu, Damashi is impressed and tells Shujinko to head back to the Nexus and Shujinko headed back. Once back in the Nexus Shujinko placed the Kamidogu on the alter and was confronted by a being named Monster who claimed to be the Elder Gods champion who will stop Shujinko if he does not leave the Nexus.

Shujinko insists that he is Elder Gods champion, Monster then prepared to battle Shujinko. Shujinko defeated Monster and heads into the next portal to the Chaosrealm.

In the Chaosrealm Damashi appears to Shujinko again and Shujinko asks who was it that just attacked him, Damashi replied that he did not know and that if he thought he was the Elder Gods champion he was mistaken and reinforced that Shujinko is the Elder Gods champion. Shujinko headed to the first transporter but it was being guarded by a Seidan guard, the guard makes Shujinko fight him if he is to pass, they do battle and Shujinko wins and used the teleporter.

Shujinko comes across a citizen of the Chaos realm who tells him that a wraith from the Netherrealm claimed the a cemetery for the Brotherhood of Shadow, Shujinko offered to challenge the warrior and went looking for him, upon arrival he finds that the warrior is Noob Saibot and he claimed the land for the Brotherhood of Shadow, Shujinko challenges Noob Saibot and defeats him in battle.

Shujinko approaches the warrior Havik and was given the choice to state his business or have his spine snapped, Shujinko says that he is searching for relics and Havik permits him to proceed, he also gives Shujinko the task that if he can defeat and put pendants of chaos on the four Seidan guards who is trying to restrict the flow of the Chaosrealm's water he would train Shujinko, Shujinko agrees and sets out to find the Seidan guards.

When Shujinko arrives at the control plant he meets a chaos realm citizen that tries to sabotage them but cannot since their numbers are big. Shujinko offers to defeat them and meet him back when he is done. Shujinko defeats the four guards and meets back up with the citizen, the citizen tells Shujinko that Havik awaits in the south town.

Shujinko meets up with Havik who tells Shujinko that he sent the guards back to the Orderrealm to wreck chaos, Shujinko reminds Havik of their deal for him to teach him, Havik is upset that Shujinko would hold him to his word and trained Shujinko, afterwards Havik made it clear that it was a training and not a threat, Havik gave Shujinko a key to the portal labyrinth. Shujinko takes the portal warp to a bed of water where he finds the Chaosrealm Kamidogu, however the water aged him.

After several years Damashi returns to Shujinko and tells him that he has aged but he did not perceive it, Damashi also tells Shujinko to return to the Nexus and return the Kamidogu onto the altar.

Shujinko heads back to the Nexus and does so and the portal to Outworld opens up and Shujinko heads through. Upon arrival to the Outworld, Damashi once again greets Shujinko, Shujinko says he has heard many tales of this realm and it was ruled by Shao Kahn, this seemed to strike a nerve with Damashi as he said that Shao Kahn was once an advisor to the realm much like Raiden to the Earthrealm however he deceived and betrayed the former ruler Onaga and took the realm for himself, he then leaves Shujinko to find the Outworld Kamidogu.

Shujinko encounters Mileena outside the city of Lei Chen in Outworld, Mileena threatens Shujinko and Shujinko says he will defend himself if attacked because he is quite skilled in combat, Mileena proceeds to attack.

After the battle Mileena is impressed that Shujinko survived the assault, she asks Shujinko if he would talk to the overlord of Lei Chen and convince him to surrender the city to Shao Kahn or they will be attacked by the Tarkatan warriors, Shujinko accepts to talk to the Overlord if it means the survival of the people of the city. Shujinko enters the city and talks to Zeffeero the overlord of the city to tell him of the Tarkatan forces deal they are willing to make that they will withdraw their forces if he surrenders himself and the city to Shao Kahn.

Zeffeero refuses and suggests an alternate plan, he says if Shujinko can go to the realm of order and order guards to protect the city it can remain safe, he however did not have money to pay them and suggested Shujinko to go to the Living Forest where a precious object was located, he said to find it and offer it to the Seidan as payment, Shujinko complied and went to the Living Forest, when he got there he found out that Jade had already obtained the object. Shujinko challenged and defeated Jade in combat and obtained the Outworld Kamidogu.

Damashi appeared again and was surprised that Shujinko already obtained the Outworld Kamidogu. Shujinko tried to explain he did not realize it was the Kamidogu and he was instructed to get it to offer it to the Seidan as payment for coming and protecting the city of Lei Chen from the Tarkatan warriors.

Damashi tells Shujinko that he cannot use it as a bargaining chip since the Kamidogu belongs to the Elder Gods and he must not loose focus on his primary objective. He advises that if Shujinko really wants to protect Lei Chen that he should go to Orderrealm and tell the guards that the city is willing to give the Seidan occupying control of the city, Shujinko does not want to do this but reluctantly agrees with Damashi.

Shujinko heads back to the Nexus and places the Outworld Kamidogu on the altar and opens a portal to the Orderrealm and heads into it. Damashi appears once again and tells Shujinko that the Seido people upholds their laws very strictly and that Shujinko cannot afford to get tangled up in their legal system, Shujinko heeds Damashi's warning.

Shujinko meets Hotaru and tells him that King Zeffeero requests their assistance to defend their city from Shao Kahn's Tarkatan warriors, Hotaru says he has long want to battle Shao Kahn but he is currently busy suppressing an uprising and wants Shujinko's help to end it, Shujinko offers to help any way he can, Hotaru then trains Shujinko to be a member of the Seidan guard so that he can partake in the assault against the rioters.

After the training Hotaru instructs Shujinko to defeat the resistance leader named Darrius and to meet back with Hotaru afterwards and Shujinko headed off to find Darrius. He finds Darrius and tells of his intentions to defeating him and ending the rioting, Darrius says he looks forward to resisting arrest and they prepared to do battle which Shujinko eventually wins.

Shujinko reported back to Hotaru and announced his success of defeating Darrius. Hotaru then made good on his promise and traveled to Lei Chen in Outworld to protect it from the Tarkatan hordes. Shujinko then heads back to the portal to the Nexus and to Outworld where he wants to meet up with Hotaru.

Shujinko meets up with Hotaru in the city of Lei Chen and was informed that he drove off the Tarkatan warriors, he also says that King Zeffeero didn't recall making the arrangement of giving Seido control of the city, Shujinko tried to say he forgot because he made the arrangement out of desperation. It was no matter for Hotaru though since he stripped the governing title from Zeffeero and now controlled the city, he then left Shujinko so that he can see to Lei Chen's governing.

When Shujinko leaves he is confronted by several Tarkatan warriors and asked to follow them to their leader Baraka, Baraka is angry that he did not get Zeffeero to surrender and that he brought Hotaru as reinforcements. He wanted to get his Tarkatan warriors to kill him however Shujinko tests challenges him by saying he would get his warriors to do it because he could not by himself.

Baraka says he fears no human, Shujinko says that Baraka should kill him then, but if he lost he would have to complete a task. Baraka agrees and they do battle and Shujinko wins. Afterwards Baraka wants to know what he is supposed to do. Shujinko says he wants Baraka to train him. Baraka then trains Shujinko.

Afterwards Baraka tells Shujinko that he will let his Tarkatan warriors allow him safe passage out of there and he tells Shujinko to go to the portal and never return to Outworld. Shujinko complies with Baraka and returns to the portal and into the Nexus.

Damashi then appears to Shujinko and tells him that the Elder Gods is allowing Shujinko to fulfill his dream of competing in Mortal Kombat, Shujinko is speechless but excited and returns to Earthrealm. Upon arrival he meets the warrior Kenshi, Kenshi explains a little about his past with Shang Tsung and how he became blinded. He says he is still looking for Shang Tsung and he will continue looking for him and suggests you look for him in the south. Shujinko then happens upon Nightwolf who offers to cleanse Shujinko of corruptness in his soul, Shujinko accepts and works with Nightwolf to cleanse his soul.

Shujinko spent years with Nightwolf and learned how to heighten his awareness and control the evilness in him. Shujinko then heads out and meets Shang Tsung, Shang Tsung is looking for warriors to compete in Mortal Kombat, when Shujinko finds out it is Shang Tsung he told him of his boyhood dreams of defeating him in Mortal Kombat and ridding the world of him.

Shang Tsung agrees to let him fight if he can prove himself in a fight, Shujinko wins the fight against Shang Tsung. After the fight Shang Tsung says he will enjoy consuming his soul when Shujinko loses. Shujinko reveals to Shang Tsung that another warrior wants to see his demise too and requests that his accomplice to be able to compete in Mortal Kombat.

Shang Tsung knew it was Kenshi and says that he is most welcome to join but would have to hurry if Kenshi was to enact his revenge since the tournament began soon. Shang Tsung then disappears.

Shujinko then meets up with Kenshi again and informs him that Shang Tsung invited them both to compete in Mortal Kombat and that he knew that Kenshi was after him which explains why Shang Tsung was always able to stay one step ahead of Kenshi.

Kenshi then offered to train Shujinko when they are done they talk about the Mortal Kombat tournament and how they both want to defeat him. Kenshi tells Shujinko he will meet Shang Tsung on his island and runs off to join the tournament. Damashi then appears to Shujinko because he sensed a change in him, Shujinko tells him its because his soul has been cleansed, Damashi says it is an unfortunate turn of events because the evilness in his soul allows him to go to the Netherrealm and he wants Shujinko to return to the Netherrealm.

Shujinko tried telling Damashi he was on his way to compete in Mortal Kombat but Damashi says that he needs to fulfill his obligation to the Elder Gods, Shujinko reluctantly agrees.

Shujinko then heads to the portal to the Nexus when he happens upon Raiden. Raiden is trying to block off passage to the portal because it was activated. Shujinko then tells Raiden it was him who opened it because he is the Elder Gods champion, Raiden does not believe him and forces him to test his abilities in a fight.

Shujinko wins the fight and Raiden apologizes for doubting Shujinko, he asks if Shujinko has come to aid them in Mortal Kombat.

Shujinko says he did but has recently been redirected to the Netherrealm and offered to aid Earthrealm in Mortal Kombat if he is done in the Netherrealm in time. Raiden thanks Shujinko then leaves, Shujinko then enters the portal to the Nexus. Shujinko then goes into the Netherrealm and encounters Scorpion.

Scorpion is looking for Quan Chi, Shujinko offers to help look if Scorpion teaches Shujinko his combat skills so Shujinko's time will lessen in the Netherrealm. Scorpion at first rejects because it would take away time to hunt Quan Chi, Shujinko then convinces Scorpion that if he does teach him he will gain an ally to hunt Quan Chi and find him faster. Scorpion is convinced and begins Shujinko's training.

After the training Scorpion explains that he carries the all consuming hatred because Quan Chi killed his family and clan and framed Sub- Zero, then he says that Quan Chi will now suffer and instructs Shujinko to locate Quan Chi which Shujinko agrees to do.

Shujinko finds Quan Chi and confirms to Shujinko that it is him and asks who sent him. Scorpion then appears and prepares to do battle with the weakened sorcerer, after the battle Quan Chi flees from Scorpion, Scorpion screams that Quan Chi cannot hide and he will have his revenge and chases down Quan Chi.

Shujinko is confronted by Damashi again when he detected Shujinko had regained the taint in his soul, Shujinko says its because of Scorpion, Damashi allows Shujinko to leave the Netherrealm on which Shujinko is more than happy to comply with as he heads back into the portal to the Nexus.

Raiden then appears to Shujinko and tells him about Quan Chi's escape from the Netherrealm and how he is leading an assault on the sorcerer and his ally Shang Tsung and would like to have Shujinko as an ally for the assault, Shujinko agrees to Raiden's request to help defeat the Deadly Alliance and heads into the portal to Outworld.

While wandering the Outworld, Shujinko is ambushed by the Black Dragon Kano.

Kano brings Shujinko to a village and orders Shujinko to start working on building Shang Tsung's palace. While there Shujinko meets Li Mei whom he finds out from her that her town is enslaved by the Deadly Alliance. Li Mei admits that she cannot defeat the sorcerers without further training and Shujinko offers to train Li Mei. After the training Shujinko tells of his plan that he may be able to get a warrior named Hotaru to help free the village from the Deadly Alliance instead of Li Mei challenging the sorcerers, Li Mei accepts and tells Shujinko to do it if he thinks Hotaru can help, Shujinko says his goodbyes to Li Mei and heads to Lei Chen in search of Hotaru.

Upon arrival to the city Shujinko finds Hotaru, but Hotaru says that Shujinko failed to go indoors when the bell sounded and broke a law in the city, Shujinko tried to justify it by saying he just arrived but Hotaru says ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law and placed Shujinko under arrest.

Shujinko was imprisoned for many years before he was brought to a holding cell on the day of his trial. Then a warrior named Dairou came and killed the guards guarding Shujinko, when asked why he killed the guards Dairou told him that he is a mercenary and was unjustly incarcerated a long time ago and Damashi hired him to remove any obstacles in the way so that Shujinko can complete his quest and also hands Shujinko a key to go to the courtroom.

Shujinko then escapes his holding cell and heads to the courtroom where he finds Hotaru already there arriving to testify in Shujinko's defense. However Hotaru thinks that Shujinko killed the guards by consorting with felons for his release and broke into the courtroom and tells Shujinko he faces the penalty of death.

Shujinko announces his intention of resisting arrest and they both do battle. Shujinko wins the battle and finds the Orderrealm Kamidogu in the courtroom and collects it. He is then confronted by Damashi and asks Damashi why he would condone to murder to free him, Damashi changes the subject by saying Shujinko has done many questionable things as well.

Shujinko could not bring himself to believe that the Elder Gods would condone the behavior even though Damashi said they would have no objections because they do not interfere with mortals. Damashi then instructs Shujinko to take the Kamidogu to the altar in the Nexus, Shujinko complies.

In the Nexus Shujinko places the Orderrealm Kamidogu on the altar and a portal to Edenia opens up. Upon arrival he was confronted once again by Damashi and was told he needed one more Kamidogu to find. Shujinko then demanded an explanation of their significance after all his years searching. Damashi then proceeded to tell Shujinko of the legend of the One Being and the Elder Gods using the Kamidogu to split him into the realms. Shujinko is honored to receive the insight though still confused why the Elder Gods need his assistance.

Shujinko approaches the Princess Kitana and finds out that Shao Kahn has attempted to invade Edenia again because of an artifact in Edenia. Shujinko quickly realizes that Shao Kahn is after the Kamidogu and offers any help he can. Kitana asks Shujinko to rescue her mom Queen Sindel who is held prisoner by Tanya while she leads an assault against Shao Kahn.

Shujinko agrees and sets off to find Queen Sindel. Shujinko then finds Tanya and asks for Sindel's release, Tanya does not comply with Shujinko and Shujinko prepares himself for a battle with Tanya. Shujinko defeats Tanya and frees Sindel, Shujinko tells Sindel of Kitana's situation on engaging Shao Kahn's troops. Sindel is surprised that Kitana is alive and asks Shujinko to follow her.

Sindel wishes to make Shujinko an Edenian knight and Shujinko accepts. Queen Sindel hands Shujinko the Edenia Kamidogu and tells him that she and Kitana will continue to fight Shao Kahn and that he needs to escape right now and bring the Kamidogu to the Elder Gods.

Shujinko complies and heads for the portal. He is stopped by Damashi again and told that once all the Kamidogu is returned then he will gain a physical body in Outworld and to hurry and place it on the altar in the Nexus.

In the Nexus Shujinko is confronted by Scorpion for interfering with the Elder Gods, Shujinko defeats Scorpion and Shujinko is relieved that the quest is finally coming and places the Kamidogu on the altar. When he does he is confused on why they weren't transported to the Elder Gods.

Then a big dragon-like person appeared and said told him the reason they weren't transported was because he didn't have the last piece which was being held by Quan Chi. He also revealed to Shujinko that Damashi was merely his consciousness. When Shujinko asks who he is, the being revealed himself to be the Dragon King, Onaga.

Onaga takes the Kamidogu and chases Shujinko back into the Earthrealm. Shujinko is upset that he was a fool that brought Onaga all his power back. He then committed himself to finding more information about Onaga to stop him.

Sub-Zero and the Lin Kuei
In the realm of Earth, there existed a clan called the Lin Kuei, which has existed for centuries, the clan trained thieves and assassins chosen at birth. These humans all learned special skills and abilities. However the Lin Kuei had a rival clan called the Shirai Ryu.

Its founder was a renegade Japanese born Lin Kuei warrior and he developed the art of ninjitsu. He offered his services and knowledge to lords and generals and they were soon copied throughout Japan. Soon ninja clans emerged throughout Japan. The ninjas were actually several small clans working together rather than a single large collective clan.

The Japanese warrior was named Takeda and was always a target for assassination by the Lin Kuei. He always managed to elude his attackers till his elder years when he died, not of a vicious battle, but rather a poison slipped in his tea.

Sub-Zero, who mastered the element of cold, represented the Lin Kuei and was chosen by the grandmaster to go on the mission for Quan Chi to steal the Map of Elements. However unknown to the Lin Kuei, Quan Chi also enlisted the help of their rival clan, the Shirai Ryu. The warrior chosen from that clan was Hanzo Hasashi, codenamed Scorpion, as a backup plan if Sub-Zero failed.

Sub-Zero's Mission
Sub-Zero and Scorpion arrived at the temple that housed the Map of Elements at the same time. Scorpion tells Sub-Zero he will fail and that he will succeed and runs off into the temple laughing. Sub-Zero soon gives chase trying to get to the map before Scorpion.

Sub-Zero then battles Shaolin monks that guard the temple and eventually finds the map with Scorpion. Soon a battle between Sub- Zero and Scorpion ensues to decide which clan will claim the map. Both warriors fought well, however, Sub-Zero gained the upper hand and defeated Scorpion and ripping his head and spine out, claiming Scorpion's life.

Sub-Zero then proceeds to take the map and escape the temple with a rope on the rooftop. Sub- Zero returns to the Lin Kuei headquarters and offers the grandmaster the sacred Map of Elements. Quan Chi all of a sudden arrives, very pleased that Sub-Zero had succeeded in retrieving the map.

Sub-Zero however was angry at the sorcerer for enlisting the help of Scorpion and jeopardizing the mission by hiring Scorpion, there was about to be a small quarrel between the two until the grandmaster broke it up asking Quan Chi for payment.

Quan Chi then poured out the bones of the leader of the Shirai Ryu clan and announced he stripped the skull of its flesh himself and personally made sure every last clan member was vanquished forever, the grandmaster was pleased with Quan Chi and offered Sub- Zero's services once again.

Sub-Zero, who reluctantly agreed, was told the meaning of the sacred Map of Elements, and that he would have to defeat the four elemental gods- wind, earth, water, and fire then retrieves a small amulet. Sub-Zero used the map and eventually found his way to the temple of elements where Shinnok's amulet was held.

Battle for the Amulet
Sub-Zero upon arrival had to fight off shaolin monks that help guarded the amulet. Sub-Zero also had to overcome traps, pitfalls, elements, blades to get to his destination.

The first god he had to face was the god of wind. Sub-Zero and a vicious battle with the wind powered Fujin however in the end Sub-Zero was the victor. He was then transported to the earth section of the temple and defeated the god of earth by means of pulling a chain when the large god was under a rising platform, smashing the god, he was then transported to the water section where Sub-Zero defeated the god of water, and so on in the fire section and Sub-Zero managed to defeat the last guardian, the god of fire.

Sub-Zero then ascended a stairway that he believed led to the amulet he was looking for; he saw the amulet and was about to grasp the ancient artifact, never before touched by human hands when all of a sudden the sorcerer Quan Chi grabbed the amulet first.

Quan Chi revealed the amulet's true purpose to Sub-Zero, that when returned to Shinnok, he would be able to escape the Netherrealm and destroy all realms including the Earthrealm and Shao Kahn's Outworld. Quan Chi then teleported back to the Netherrealm.

Sub-Zero, having completed his task turned to head back to the Lin Kuei headquarters, however at that moment the God of Thunder Raiden appeared to Sub-Zero and informed him of his grave mistake. Sub-Zero tried to convince Raiden that Quan Chi was a lunatic and there was no Shinnok and a Netherrealm.

Raiden tells Sub-Zero to start believing in Shinnok and the Netherrealm, because he was going to the Netherrealm and follow Quan Chi and try to take the amulet back before he gave it to Shinnok. He also offered Sub-Zero advice to beware of the Brothers of the Shadow, for if he fails, his soul will join theirs and the souls of the entire Earthrealm.

Sub-Zero salutes Raiden and charges through the portal that Raiden had opened to the Netherrealm.

Sub-Zero in the Netherrealm
In the Netherrealm Sub-Zero spots Quan Chi for a split second before Quan Chi teleported away again.

Sub-Zero found himself in a prison surrounded by guards; Sub-Zero defeated the guards and made his way through the prison area. On a long walkway Sub-Zero ran into a giant guard who knocks Sub-Zero unconscious and throws him into a cell. In the cell he meets Scorpion once again. Scorpion was angry that Sub-Zero killed him, but Sub-Zero tries to justify it by telling Scorpion he would have been dead if he hadn't killed him.

Scorpion was also upset that Sub-Zero killed Scorpion's family and clan, Sub-Zero was perplexed and informed Scorpion that Quan Chi was responsible for their murders and not the Lin Kuei, however Scorpion does not believe Sub-Zero and a battle ensues. Sub-Zero and Scorpion fight another vicious battle, and Scorpion comes equipped with new attacks learned in the Netherrealm. However in the end Sub-Zero manages to defeat Scorpion once again.

Sub-Zero manages his way to the outer wall of the prison and with the help of an ancient urn, known as the urn of strength, was able to kick a giant statue of the ruler Shinnok and crush the prison walls, and escape the prison. Unknown to Sub-Zero as he made his way towards the Bridge of Immortality, that he was being spied through binoculars by Quan Chi's personal assassins, Sareena, Kia, and Jatakka.

They discussed what to do about Sub-Zero, and finally Sareena decided to inform Quan Chi about Sub-Zero.

Quan Chi was well aware of Sub-Zero when Sareena explained Sub-Zero. Quan Chi decided to send out the gate keepers to stop Sub-Zero in desperation, Sareena tried to object with the intention of stopping Sub-Zero herself, but Quan Chi would not have it. Sub-Zero crosses the Bridge of Immortality defeating all gate keepers and finds the bridge has led to Shinnok's pyramid.

In the pyramid Sub-Zero battles his way through Shinnok's forces and eventually encounters, defeats, and kills all of Quan Chi's assassins, with the exception of Sareena, whom Sub-Zero sparred her life.

Sub-Zero takes each assassin teleporter crystals and uses them to teleport to Quan Chi's sanctuary.

In the sanctuary Quan Chi informs Sub-Zero that he had already given the amulet to Shinnok and he was too late. Quan Chi also informs Sub-Zero the reason Raiden sent Sub-Zero was because his soul was tainted with evil, which was the only way he could enter the Netherrealm. Quan Chi also offers Sub-Zero a place among the Brothers of the Shadow to worship Shinnok. Sub-Zero rejects Quan Chi's offer and the two prepare to do battle.

The two fought and when Sub-Zero had almost beaten Quan Chi, the assassin Sareena teleports in and uppercuts Quan Chi off the bridge. Sub-Zero was confused as why Sareena helped him. Sareena tells Sub-Zero that he is still mortal and can escape the Netherrealm and she wanted to escape with him. Sub-Zero started to explain that he could not leave without the amulet, when a searing beam cuts through Sareena's chest and she falls and dies in Sub-Zero's arms. Sub-Zero asks the old man who he is, and he tells Sub-Zero that he is Shinnok and Sareena was dealt with how everyone would be dealt with, but Sub-Zero would be dealt with as a bitter enemy.

Sub-Zero and Shinnok started a battle. Sub-Zero cannot hit Shinnok, for he had a force field that blocks all his attacks. However the force field would temporarily leave when Shinnok throws an energy ball. Sub-Zero realizes this, and when Shinnok throws another energy ball, Sub-Zero trades it with an ice ball which freezes Shinnok on the spot. Sub-Zero quickly runs to the teleportation chamber behind him and teleports behind Shinnok and grabs Shinnok's amulet. Shinnok turns into a giant demon and starts to charge Sub-Zero.

Raiden opens a portal for Sub- Zero, and he escapes with Shinnok's amulet, leaving Shinnok once again stranded in the Netherrealm, and preventing the destructive battle with Shinnok once again.

On the other side of the portal Sub-Zero comes through the portal and gives the amulet to Raiden. Raiden is impressed with Sub-Zero and tells him perhaps he will reconcile his reckless past. Sub-Zero then takes the chance to ask Raiden if what Quan Chi said about being sent to the Netherrealm because of his evil soul was true.

Raiden tells Sub-Zero he is a superb warrior but only he can control his destiny and not even the gods can interfere with his chosen path and then gives Sub-Zero the answer yes, but only Sub-Zero can change it.

Sub-Zero returns to the Lin Kuei headquarters and pledges his allegiance to the Lin Kuei. The Lin Kuei grandmaster welcomes Sub-Zero back and informs Sub-Zero of a new mission.

The sorcerer Shang Tsung request that Sub-Zero take part in the new Mortal Kombat tournament. However later, a wealthy enemy of Shang Tsung paid off the Lin Kuei to have Sub-Zero assassinate Shang Tsung. Later on Sub- Zero would pass on the secrets of the location of the temple and the secrets of stopping Shinnok down to his brother who would later inherit the name of Sub- Zero.

The Red and Black Dragon Clan
Also in the realm of Earth, there existed a worldwide crime organization called the Black Dragon.

The Black Dragon clan sprang forth from another clan called the Red Dragon, which have existed for centuries. The Red Dragon was a crime organization that stressed the importance of a code system and disciplined fighting skills to carry out there operations. Unlike most crime clans the Red Dragon used stealth and secrecy rather than brute force to complete their intentions which gave them the advantage of not being well known and unable to be pursued.

The Black Dragon was formed by members of the Red Dragon who thought the Red Dragon code restricted their potential.

Since that point of time, it has been the priority of the Red Dragon to eliminate all remnants of the Black Dragon clan. Since then the Black Dragon has grew into a major crime organization that became well known, respected, and feared among other crime organizations as being mercenaries, thug, extortionists, and thieves. The Black Dragon has become so powerful that it is a main target of the U.S. Special Forces.

In years past a future member of the Red Dragon clan named Hsu Hao had been part of the Chinese military, and had a cybernetic heart to enhance physical strength. With the implant Hsu Hao is not easily distracted and lives to serve the will of the Red Dragon Clan, he has no ambition so there is no distraction, only his duty to the clan, and also made him an excellent student for Mavado to train.

The same surgeon later worked on Kano's eye implant. The modern day members of the Black Dragon are Kano, Kabal, Jarek, Tasia, No Face, and Tremor. The only known Red Dragon members are Mavado and Hsu Hao.

Jax and the Black Dragon
In the Earth realm the Black Dragon also had a rivalry going on with the U.S. Special Forces. Prior to the Mortal Kombat tournament, the criminal Kano had broken into the maximum security prison facility and helped with the escape of his fellow Black Dragon members who was imprisoned.

Kano put an explosive device on the inside wall and he and the escapees No Face, Tasia, Jarek, and Tremor had escaped.

While riding in his car the leader of the U.S. Special Forces Jax received a transmission from the Special Forces headquarters about Kano and the escapees.

Gemini, the Special Forces transmitter then received a transmission from Lt. Sanchez, leader of a group sent to recapture Kano. Gemini patched the transmission through to Jax and Lt. Sanchez informed Jax about their location and that they found the Black Dragon. Jax orders Lt. Sanchez not to engage in battle till Jax arrives however gunshots go off in the background and the transmission is lost.

Jax, upon arrival finds the Special Forces all murdered. Jax vowed Kano will pay.

Jax then enters the warehouse and makes his way through the warehouse and fights his way through the Black Dragon. He eventually comes across one of the escapees; No Face, and after a battle full of explosives, Jax defeats No Face.

He is contacted once again by Gemini and Jax tells Gemini that there is a staircase and he is going to follow to see where it leads. The staircase led to a sewer and Jax makes his way through it and battles the next escapee Tasia and defeated her in battle. Gemini and Jax make contact once again and Gemini tells Jax that one of the Black Dragon let it spill that the Black Dragon are trying to put on a respectable face and is hiding at a corporate building.

Jax arrives and fights his way through and finds out that Kano has gone to the lost city called Sing Kiang, and he encounters the third escapee Jarek, Jax defeated Jarek in battle but failed to kill him.

Jax then goes to Sing Kiang and battles his way through more of the Black Dragon and finds the last escapee Tremor in front of a dimensional portal to Outworld. Jax defeats Tremor. Afterwards he contacts Gemini that there is a portal to another dimension that the Black Dragon was guarding, and he had to go through it to stop Kano.

Gemini pleas for Jax not to go and tells him that their satellite communication wasn't designed to work in other dimensions. Jax goes through the portal despite the danger.

On the other side Jax finds he is now in the Outworld and he battles the Outworld residents to find clues on Kano's whereabouts. Jax finally figures out how to open another portal that takes him to where Kano is.

Kano tells Jax that he found the Eye of Shitian, and with it he will control the world. Jax and Kano battle and after an intensive battle Jax manages to win and takes Kano and the Eye of Shitian back to Earth.

The Mortal Kombat Tournament
It is known that Kenshi tried to make it to this tournament, however, it is not known if he made it to the Island or not.

In the Netherrealm Scorpion was giving permission by his demons to return to the Earthrealm and take revenge of his murder on Sub-Zero.

In the Honan Province of China, two weeks before the Mortal Kombat tournament was to begin again, a warrior named Liu Kang requests permission from the Shaolin Temple to represent the Shaolin in Mortal Kombat. Liu Kang, whom was trained by the legendary Outworld master named Bo Rai Cho, was convinced that he could defeat Goro because of his overconfidence. The Shaolin gives Liu advice and grants him permission to enter the tournament. Liu Kang vows that he will not fail.

On tournament day, the movie actor Johnny Cage awaits Shang Tsung's ship to arrive and take him to the tournament. His agents try to persuade him not to go, but Johnny Cage was already set on going and boards the ship when it comes in.

A few miles away Sonya Blade, member of a top U.S. Special Forces unit, is in a vehicle in pursuit of Kano, whom has just escaped prison and his Black Dragon clan. Kano was on his way to Shang Tsung's tournament because of the rumor of Shang Tsung's palace's treasures. He tells the Black Dragon after he wins the tournament to have the whole Black dragon gang there because of all the treasure; they will be looting for months. He then jumps out the back of the jeep and onto the Special Forces van and runs the other direction.

Sonya and her partner Jake goes after Kano and tells the rest to stay after the Black Dragon jeep. By the dock Kano comes out of hiding and shoots explosive barrels behind Sonya to create a distraction, and then he jumps on Shang Tsung's ship. Sonya then calls in for a ship and slowly follows Shang Tsung's ship.

Meanwhile somewhere in the mountains in Japan, Shang Tsung walks through the God of Lightning and Thunder, Raiden's lands to personally invite him to take part in the Mortal Kombat tournament, Raiden accepts.

On the ship Johnny Cage and Kano get in a small fight. Johnny Cage is outnumbered and getting beaten up by Kano and 2 friends Kano has already made. Liu Kang is in a corner and tells Kano that Johnny Cage is outnumbered. This distracts Kano long enough for Johnny Cage to get up and deliver his signature move, the shadow kick on Kano. Before Kano's friends can interfere, Liu Kang gives them a flying kick and ends the quarrel.

Liu Kang and Johnny Cage then becomes more acquainted, however no warrior noticed that the Lin Kuei warrior Sub-Zero watched from an upper deck. The ninja Scorpion sneaks up on Sub-Zero and grabs him and tells Sub-Zero how Shinnok allowed him to come back to avenge his death.

Sub-Zero can't believe Scorpion is back, and Scorpion says though he could kill Sub-Zero at any moment, he isn't a murderer and they will fight at the tournament. Sub-Zero walks away and calls Scorpion a fool for sparing his life.

At sunrise the next day, the ship makes it to Shang Tsung's island and after a day of practice he addresses all kombatants, and introduces Sonya Blade, whom was ambushed by Shang Tsung's army. Her companion's safety forces her to compete.

Then the tournament champion Goro shouts "Let the tournament begin".

Shang Tsung also had his bodyguard hidden at the bottom of the pit, and was instructed to attack any warrior that poses a threat.

At the tournament Liu Kang did fight Goro and just as he thought, defeated Goro because of Goro's overconfidence, however Goro was not killed and Liu Kang then had to fight Shang Tsung because Shang Tsung was a former champion.

Meanwhile Sub-Zero, Scorpion, and Raiden had to fight off Shang Tsung's army, whom was attacking them, and Goro had been revived from his unconsciousness and attacked Sonya, Kano, and Johnny Cage.

After Shang Tsung's armies were defeated Sub-Zero and Scorpion fought and Scorpion defeated and killed Sub-Zero then faded into ash and returned to the Netherrealm with his mission fulfilled.

Johnny Cage, Kano, and Sonya were winning against Goro, however, Liu Kang eventually won by delivering his flying kick to Shang Tsung, the secret move taught to him by Bo Rai Cho, Liu Kang then escaped the island. Bo Rai Cho, whom was finally successful with training Liu Kang, returned to Outworld, his training no longer needed.

Shang Tsung's island then began to collapse because it was held together by his existence and the bridge that Johnny Cage, Kano, and Sonya were fighting Goro on collapsed. Goro, Kano, and Sonya fell, Johnny Cage managed to hold on then fell, but Raiden managed to catch Johnny Cage as he fell and flew him through a portal that led back to the Earth realm and Johnny Cage ended up in the middle of the East China Sea floating on debris. Goro, Sonya, and Kano were presumed dead, however Sonya did manage to send a distress signal.

The Outworld Tournament
After his death Sub-Zero arrived in the Netherrealm, his soul was tainted evil and he eventually became a dark warrior called Noob Saibot.

In the Earth realm Johnny Cage spotted a boat that had the U.S. flag on it. He signals to the boat and the boat picks him up, however the boat belonged to the U.S Special Forces and suspiciously found Johnny Cage where they picked up Sonya Blade's distress signal.

The commander, Major Jackson Briggs, known as Jax, and his partner Beran began to interrogate Johnny Cage about Sonya Blade's disappearance. Johnny Cage explained the whole story a few times in exact detail each time so they had no choice but to eventually release him, but Jax was convinced that Johnny Cage was responsible for Sonya's disappearance and warned Johnny Cage that after he had more evidence, he was coming for him.

Meanwhile in Outworld, Shang Tsung stood trial before his emperor Shao Kahn for Goro's dearth.

Goro's father, King Gorbak demanded Shang Tsung be executed, however Shao Kahn allowed Shang Tsung to give a good reason for not being killed and Shang Tsung told Shao Kahn of a plan to lure the warriors into Outworld to be destroyed, because they had the right to challenge as long as they had access to the Earthrealm.

Shao Kahn whom was pleased with the new idea spared Shang Tsung's life and gave Shang Tsung his youth back and charged Shang Tsung to lure the Earth warriors to Outworld with the help of the warriors Kitana, Baraka, Mileena, and King Gorbak's second in command, Kintaro.

They went to Liu Kang's home and murdered his people and then they focused on finding their next target.

Liu Kang later returned home to find his home in ruins and the sole survivor of the attack; Kung Lao.

Kung Lao tells Liu Kang about the Outworlders attacks. Just then the Lin Kuei jet lands and the brother of the deceased Sub-Zero, also known as Sub- Zero appears and tells Liu Kang and Kung Lao that they found out with their surveillances that the attack was led by Shang Tsung. He explained the reason why he was there was because the Lin Kuei were worried that since Sub-Zero had not returned from the tournament that Goro may have won the 10th tournament when they saw the Outworlders attack Liu Kang's temple.

Sub-Zero also found out from the surveillance that the Outworlders were going after Johnny Cage next and Liu Kang, Kung Lao, and Sub-Zero boarded the jet to fly towards Hollywood.

Meanwhile Jax had received another distress signal from Sonya; she had fallen into a portal to Outworld and is still alive. She was however trapped in Outworld with Kano. She told Jax to find Johnny Cage or Liu Kang, and Kano told them to bring lots of guns. Then the signal was lost.  Jax and Beran then raced to find Johnny Cage, now knowing he was telling the truth.

Later in Hollywood, Johnny Cage was making a movie and all of a sudden a huge blast erupted and Shang Tsung emerged with Baraka, Kitana, Mileena, and Kintaro. They proceeded to attack Cage in hopes of sending a message to lure him to Outworld later on, however during this attack Johnny Cage gets blasted into the next room where Jax and Beran were trying to convince the receptionist to let them through.

Jax then goes to Johnny cage and tells him he is right and that Sonya was trapped in Outworld and said Shang Tsung might be coming after him. Shang Tsung then steps through the wall and thanks Jax for alerting him of Sonya's location. Jax then charged to start fighting Kintaro while Beran shoots his gun to hopefully hit someone, but Shang Tsung commanded Mileena to kill Beran and she was successful.

Jax took Kintaro by surprise and they crashed the wall outside and resumed fighting. Then the jet with Sub-Zero, his ally Smoke, Liu Kang, and Kung Lao arrives.

Liu Kang and Kung Lao gets out quickly to even out the odds and Smoke flies over one more pass to allow Sub-Zero to deliver a sneak attack on Shang Tsung. Though Sub-Zero manages a flawless attempt for a sneak attack, it fails when he is hit by an invisible force.

Shang Tsung's protector, the ninja creature Reptile emerges and shows it was he who hit Sub-Zero while he was invisible. Raiden then appears and tells Shang Tsung they are not welcome to the Earthrealm and to state their business and leave. Shang Tsung tells the Earth warriors about their right to challenge Earthrealm and leaves.

Raiden then explains to the warriors of Earth that if they do not accept the challenge it would weaken their standings with the Elder Gods and help unbalance the furies towards chaos. All the warriors then finally agree to compete in the tournament.

Raiden also decides to compete and transforms into a mortal. In the Netherrealm Scorpion learns of Sub-Zero's return and mistakes him for the one he killed at the tournament. Scorpion enters the Outworld tournament to once again seek revenge against his family and clans murder.

Also from the Netherrealm, Shinnok sends a spy from a clan called the Brothers of the Shadow, whom worships Shinnok, and his first mission was to spy on the events in Outworld and not to attack unless found.

Also Shao Kahn had ordered another of his assassins named Jade to hide and attack any warrior who poses a threat. During the tournament, Liu Kang fought Shao Kahn and defeated him in battle, however, Kahn was far from dead and Liu Kang and Kung Lao returned to Earth together.

Jax managed to free his partner Sonya Blade, whom was imprisoned by the Outworlders; he also freed Kano whom immediately eluded capture.

Kitana discovers her true past and also finds out Mileena is not her sister, but rather a clone created by Shang Tsung to eventually replace Kitana, she then kills Mileena in battle and joins the Earth warriors.

Sub-Zero and Smoke then returned to the Lin Kuei headquarters.

Scorpion, unsuccessful in murdering Sub-Zero returns to the Netherrealm with Noob Saibot.

Johnny Cage returns to earth briefly and makes Mortal Kombat II the movie.

Raiden returns to the heavens.

Kintaro mysteriously vanishes.

The rest of the Outworlders, Jade, Baraka, Reptile and Shang Tsung returned to Kahn's side. However unknown to both the Outworlders nor the Earth warriors, another warrior named Blaze, whom has been wandering Outworld on a quest, had battled and lost to holy men, these holy men were loyal to the dead Dragon King and served to protect the last dragon egg.

Blaze was then taken to the lava shrine where the dragon egg was incubating and forced to protect the egg from within the depths of the lava.

The Invasion
Back on the Earthrealm, Jax and Sonya try to warn the U.S. government of Shao Kahn's imminent invasion; however no one listens and Jax and Sonya individually prepares for war.

Sub-Zero and Smoke returned to the Lin Kuei headquarters only to see the clan were being automated, Sub-Zero and Smoke refuses to be automated and runs away from the clan but Smoke is caught while Sub-Zero escapes. Smoke is automated and is ordered to seek and kill Sub-Zero along with his soulless counterparts Cyrax and Sektor.

Liu Kang and Kung Lao pays their respects to their lost brethren and start to begin a new generation of White Lotus Society, but their plans came to a halt, because little did the warriors know that the Outworld tournament was merely a diversion to break the Elder Gods rules and Shao Kahn reincarnates Sindel's spirit on the Earth realm thus allowing a portal to the Earthrealm to not only claim his queen, but to claim the Earthrealm.

While in the Earthrealm he transforms the Earth into a part of the Outworld and strips the planet of all human souls. However there were humans whose souls were protected by the Elder Gods so they could defend the Earth from the Outworld invasion. The warriors whose souls were protected were Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Johnny Cage, Sonya, Jax, and Sub-Zero.

Shao Kahn knew there would be survivors and appointed a new general, a centaurian named Motaro to lead a special group called the Extermination Squad to kill the chosen warriors, and in exchange he would help the centaurians defeat their natural enemy the shokan and give them new lands.

Motaro's squads are successful in killing many chosen warriors including Johnny Cage and brutally beating a warrior named Kabal and leaving him for dead. At the end only 3 more warriors not previously involved with the Outworld survived the attacks, a Native American named Nightwolf, a riot cop named Stryker and the near death ex Black Dragon member Kabal, whom found an artificial respirator to keep him alive.

Nightwolf had used his shaman powers and protected his land from Shao Kahn's evil; this is the only piece of land that is known to be immune to Shao Kahn's sorcery.

In Outworld a rebellion starts and Shao Kahn sends the warrior Baraka to settle it. Kano had actually roamed Outworld and convinced Shao Kahn to let him live, in exchange Kano will teach Shao Kahn's armies how to use Earth's weapons. Shang Tsung had been granted more power to help out with the invasion.

Shao Kahn also knew Kitana was on the move and knew Kitana would try to reach Sindel, so he picked a female shokan warrior named Sheeva to be the protector of Sindel. Also in addition he appointed Kitana's best friend Jade to bring Kitana back alive and Reptile to stop Kitana even if it means her death.

Shao Kahn had also become aware that deceased Outworld warrior's souls gave life to a new entity named Ermac; Shao Kahn manages to take possession of Ermac and use the souls for his own tyranny.

While on Earth, the Edenian born warrior Rain was confronted by the Extermination Squads, Rain chose to fight for Shao Kahn rather than die at the hands of the Extermination Squad. The extermination Squad tried to kill Liu Kang above all else for posing the greatest threat to Shao Kahn's rule and putting a halt on Shao Kahn's past schemes.

Sub-Zero also knew he had been a target for the Extermination Squad and must take on not only Outworld, but 3 soulless assassins whom go undetected by Shao Kahn.

In Outworld Kahn also decides to try and invade the Netherrealm; however he is unsuccessful and releases the hell-spawn specter Scorpion and his clone Mileena to roam Earth once again.

Shinnok was enraged by Shao Kahn's act and sends Noob Saibot out to spy again. Little did Shao Kahn know it was Shinnok and not himself that allowed his clone, Mileena, to escape - she was to feign allegiance to Shao Kahn.

The shokan warrior Goro also returned and he remained hidden but his purpose is unknown.

Kintaro had also returned but none knew for what reason.

Baraka soon returned to fight in the invasion after successfully settling the rebellion.

Raiden asks the Elder Gods to assist, when they refuse he takes matter into his own hands and transforms himself into a mortal once again to join the Earth warriors in battle, this time however he risks his immortality and his place among the Pantheon of the Gods.

Johnny Cage finds himself being brought to life when the path to the heavens is blocked by the merger of the Outworld and Earthrealm; he once again assists his friends in the battle with the Outworld.

A raptor named Khameleon tried to seek out Reptile to warn him of their true past and for a chance to begin a new generation of the raptor race.

In the Outworld a warrior named Khameleon that worked for Shao Kahn joined the invasion of Earth. During the battles, Sonya Blade had caught up with Kano on a rooftop and a battle ensued, Kano was winning the fight and kicked Sonya onto a gargoyle and had pulled out a Locke of Sonya's hair, Sonya then feigned injury, and when Kano had advanced to finish Sonya off, she threw Kano off the rooftop, however Motaro saw the battle and picked up Kano's dying body and brought it to Shao Kahn. Kahn then revived Kano and imprisoned him for his failure.

Later on Sindel's protector Sheeva snuck into Shao Kahn's fortress and killed Motaro in battle in front of Kano and was on her way to kill Shao Kahn. Kano convinced Sheeva to let him out of his cell and in return he would assist Sheeva in killing Shao Kahn. Their plan was for Kano to go in first and create a diversion for Sheeva to deliver the attack, but he instead betrayed Sheeva and informed Shao Kahn of Sheeva's plot, when she entered, Shao Kahn killed Sheeva with a sword and promoted Kano to a General of his armies.  Kano had kept Sonya's hair as a reminder of their rivalry ever since.

Sub-Zero was able to defeat Cyrax in battle; however instead of finishing Cyrax, he reprogrammed Cyrax to kill Shao Kahn.

When Shao Kahn was defeated at the hands of Liu Kang, Cyrax malfunctions and ends up stranded in the middle of a dessert. Sektor was still operating and reported back to the Lin Kuei.

At some point Smoke was captured by Shao Kahn's forces and Smoke was imprisoned in a torture chamber as he lay inoperative, he was little more than Shao Kahn's war trophy.

Sonya and Jax were thanked and chosen to head the Outerworld Investigation Agency that would learn how to create portals through science rather than magic.

Kung Lao had previously fought Shao Kahn, however Shao Kahn had defeated Kung Lao, and he was presumed dead.

Kitana was successful in reaching Sindel after thwarting an assassination attempt by Reptile and allying herself with her friend Jade.

Nightwolf returned back to his home.

Afterwards Jade returned to her home world of Edenia, her allegiance belonging to the Edenian crown and her queen, Sindel.

Reptile escaped and wandered the realms. Shinnok's Netherrealm escapees and agents Scorpion, Mileena, and Noob Saibot are forced to return to the Netherrealm.

The whereabouts of Stryker is unknown.

Rain too seemed to have vanished.

Goro once again remained hidden. Kintaro disappears from the scene as well. Khameleon also seemed to have disappeared as well as the warrior Chameleon.

Kabal had decided to leave the Black Dragon clan and decided to fight for justice against crime, however he later ran into a member of the Red Dragon clan named Mavado who sought to destroy members of the Black Dragon and since Kabal used to be a member, Mavado battled and Kabal and took his hook swords, though he failed to kill Kabal and left him for dead.

Later a warrior named Havik rescues Kabal from death and inspires him to kill Mavado and restart the Black Dragon clan. Kano heard of Mavado killing Kabal and would have killed Mavado himself if he hadn't been in Outworld the whole time.

The mutant Baraka had fled and wandered the realms for a great amount of time.

Johnny Cage's soul departs from his body after Kahn's defeat and Cage ascends into the heavens.

The thunder god Raiden, after successfully guiding the mortals of Earth, returns to the heavens and continues his role as the protector of the Earth realm.

However, Shao Kahn was still not killed and he retreated back into the Outworld with Shang Tsung and Ermac. In Outworld Shao Kahn incarcerates Shang Tsung for failure. Over time Shang Tsung was periodically released to perform favors for the dark emperor, until Shang Tsung is eventually released all together and creates a sanctuary over an acid pool where he must fend and steal souls for himself to keep himself alive.

The Return of Shinnok
Reptile had gone on a killing spree and had succeeded in committing genocide against several species. Soon Reptile was banished to the Netherrealm for his crimes.

In the Netherrealm, Quan Chi and Shinnok had formed a plan to escape the Netherrealm. Shinnok gathered his generals Reiko, Noob Saibot, and the recently banished warrior Reptile to get ready for war.

Quan Chi also sought out Scorpion in hopes of gaining Scorpion as an ally for their upcoming war; Scorpion accepted the offer to not only escape the Netherrealm but continue his mission and seek out Sub-Zero.

In the realm of Edenia Queen Sindel had ushered in the ambassador to new realms and his daughter Tanya to enter her throne room and seek her guidance. The ambassador explained to Queen Sindel how Tanya was contacted by another realm to allow them to refuge in the realm. Queen Sindel then heard from the people's spokesperson. He explained how they were a quite and peaceful dedicated to the arts when they were being oppressed by an evil sorcerer. The spokesperson then offered Queen Sindel an orb created by their realms most gifted artist and Queen Sindel accepted the gift.

500 miles to the south of the capital and in the city of Kuatan and right after Shao Kahn's defeat Princess Kitana went on a diplomat mission to bring peace to the Shokan and Centaur races. The races had a dispute over the lands. The shokan wanted back their Eastern lowlands that the centaurs gained from helping Shao Kahn.

Princess Kitana took on the side that every race should live in their own lands and that Queen Sindel does not honor the wishes of Shao Kahn.

A centaur got angry with the Kitana for taking the side of the shokan and proceeded to attack princess Kitana. Unknown to anyone however the shokan prince Goro was watching the events in the rafters above the room and jumped down to intervene with the attacking centaur. Goro then defeated the centaur and explained how he was never dead in the original Mortal Kombat tournament and he went into hiding being ashamed of his defeat in Mortal Kombat and unwilling to serve Shao Kahn any further, he also announces how he will take his fathers place as the leader of the shokan and the war will come to an end between the shokan and centaurs and all those will disagree will be crushed by Goro personally.

The centaurs agree with Goro and the end of the shokan and centaur war came to an end. However just then there was a huge explosion coming from the capital of Edenia and everyone knew Queen Sindel was in danger. In the capital city the orb which was given to Queen Sindel began to transform and it turned into a portal.

This portal came from the Netherrealm and allowed Shinnok to escape. Shinnok also brought with him his generals and army of demons. The demons quickly dispatch the Edenian guards and the spokesperson is revealed to be none other than the sorcerer Quan Chi, and Quan Chi reveals to Shinnok that Tanya was to be given gratitude for entry to the realm.

Tanya then imprisoned Sindel in a prison in Edenia. Shinnok however was not satisfied with escaping into Edenia, he wanted to gain revenge on the Elder Gods and Raiden for banishing him to the Netherrealm in the first place and he took his army to battle in the heavens.

In the battle the demons were successful in destroying most of the gods of the Earth realm. One of Shinnok's generals Reiko however was reported to have been killed in the battle with the Elder Gods. The demons also sent the God of Wind Fujin crashing down onto the Earth realm.

The movie star Johnny Cage sought out Raiden to get his help in restoring his deceased soul so that he could return to the Earth realm and help Liu Kang on his quest.

After Shao Kahn's defeat Sub-Zero's Lin Kuei clan is disbanded and Sub-Zero is no longer hunted down. Sub-Zero had then traveled to the temple of elements that he learned the location of from his older brother. His purpose was to make peace with the elemental gods that his brother had fought but he found the temple empty not knowing that the gods had went to the heavens in the war with Shinnok.

Sub-Zero then sees a ball of light in the sky and decides to go investigate the crash site. Fifty miles from Sub-Zero the champion Liu Kang was sparring with an old ally Kai that he had met in America previously. Kai was also a former member of the White Lotus Society and learned his skills from the great masters in Asia.

After Liu Kang and Kai were done sparring some shaolin monks approached Liu Kang informing Liu Kang that his grandfather requests his presence. Just then something fell from the sky and caused an explosion, Liu Kang then tells the monks he will visit his grandfather shortly because he and Kai went to investigate what fell from the sky.

Liu Kang and Kai looked over into the crater and saw the God of Wind; Fujin being attacked by dozens of demons.

Meanwhile in Shanghai, Sonya Blade was tracking down the last member of the Black Dragon clan named Jarek. Sonya was fed information by her partner Jax and a member named Hsu Hao who was part of the Red Dragon that posed as a part of a secret Chinese military group and covertly feed the Special Forces about the Black Dragon.

Hsu Hao was successful in gaining information to bringing down all the Black Dragon members so far and the Black Dragon clan had seemingly been destroyed, Hsu Hao was instructed to stay with the Special Forces until further notice. Sonya Blade however was not winning the fight with Jarek and Jarek jumps off the building they were fighting on and escapes Sonya Blade. Jarek then rides off on a motor cycle. Sonya however is determined to stop him points a gun at Jarek but her concentration is lost when Jax radios in for Sonya. Jax informs Sonya that the Outerworld Investigation Agency had monitored dimensional rifts in southwestern China and she was the closest agent to checking it out and had sent a chopper to pick Sonya up. When the chopper landed Sonya was shocked to see that Johnny Cage was in the chopper, Johnny Cage had found Jax and was authorized to go along to help out Sonya.

Back at the crater Liu Kang and Kai were attacking the demons and tried their best to defend Fujin. Suddenly Lord Raiden appeared and electrocuted the remaining demons. Raiden then explained to Liu Kang and Kai about the Elder Gods being under attacked and introduced Fujin to them. Fujin added in to the story how they gained access from the realm of Edenia and Liu Kang became very concerned for the princess Kitana.

Raiden then instructed Liu Kang and Kai to gather the Earth's warriors and continue the fight in Edenia while Raiden and Fujin battle Shinnok's forces from the Eternal Palace. Just then the helicopter with Sonya and Johnny Cage lands in front of them. Liu Kang introduces Johnny Cage and Sonya to Kai. Liu Kang is curious on how they managed to fly into Chinese airspace and Sonya explains that she is now part of the Outerworld Investigation Agency and was allowed to go to more places.

Liu Kang then told her what he had seen and told them they needed to return to Edenia. Sub-Zero then appeared after following the fallen ball of light from the sky. Sub-Zero then informs the rest of the Earth's warriors about Shinnok and his brother's previous encounter with him and it was up to them to put an end to the menace. Everyone agreed to help in the battle.

Liu Kang brought up the fact they didn't have a passageway to Edenia however Sonya had the answer. Sonya's Outerworld Investigation Agency learned to create portals with a nuclear generator. Sonya then creates the portal and informs the Outerworld Investigation Agency to inform Jax and send backup, then they charged through the portal.

In Edenia they are greeted by Quan Chi. Earth warriors are also unsuccessful in their attempt to free Kitana in Edenia and return to the Earthrealm to continue the fight with Shinnok there and soon battle ensued. The general who was supposedly killed in the attack with the Elder Gods Reiko had mysteriously resurfaced and continued to fight for Shinnok along with his allies Noob Saibot, Scorpion, and Reptile.

Jax has also joined the Earth warriors after getting a backup message from Sonya.

The last member of the Black Dragon Jarek also joined the fight to keep the world safe from Shinnok's invasion.

Even the shokan warrior returned for a second chance to regain his Mortal Kombat Grand Champion title from Liu Kang. Tanya was also instructed to join with the Earth warriors so Shinnok could have an eye on them. Little did Sub-Zero know that the Lin Kuei was reformed and had rescued the cyber ninja Cyrax from the desert. The Lin Kuei repaired Cyrax and sent him and Sektor on another assassination mission against Sub-Zero.

However Cyrax has been acting strangely and Sektor had an alternative instruction to watch Cyrax and report back to the Lin Kuei.

When Quan Chi's forces leave to battle the Earth warriors, Kitana makes her escape easily with only a few remaining guards. She then joins the fight against Shinnok; also little does Kitana know that Mileena has used the battle as a chance to escape her servitude to Shinnok and to avenge her own death.

The mutant Baraka had spent a lot of time wandering the realms after Shao Kahn's defeat, when he returns to Edenia Quan Chi finds him and offers Baraka the chance to rule with Quan Chi after they destroy Shinnok, Baraka accepts.

After Shao Kahn's defeat in the last tournament Kung Lao was believed to be dead by the Earth warriors, however he was alive, he choose to live a life of peace instead of violence. However with the news of Shinnok's attack and the return of Goro Kung Lao prepares for war and the chance to take revenge on his ancestors murderer.

Another warrior was also hiding in the shadows, he was known only as Meat and he was a bloody skeleton, his purpose in the struggle is unknown. During the struggle Scorpion had confronted and defeated Sub-Zero, Scorpion tells Sub-Zero his soul will finally rest but Sub-Zero informs Scorpion that the Lin Kuei only murdered him and his family's true killer is still free.

Just then Quan Chi entered and admitted he was the murderer of Scorpion's family and clan. He informs Scorpion that he was only used as a pawn to destroy Sub-Zero and had to return Scorpion to the Netherrealm, Scorpion reacting quickly grappled Quan Chi as he was teleported back to the Netherrealm and Quan Chi was now stuck in the Netherrealm with Scorpion.

Sub-Zero then left with his fight being over.

The war then ended when Liu Kang and Shinnok battled, Liu Kang was once again successful and defeated Shinnok and his threat was over. Raiden was then rewarded for his efforts by being made an Elder God, Raiden choose Fujin to be his next successor to the realm of Earth.

After Shinnok's defeat Sonya confronted Jarek on top of the cliff, she tells Jarek he is the last one and the rest of the Black Dragon is dead. Jarek refuses to believe this and runs to attack Sonya, Sonya sidesteps and Jarek falls off the cliff, with Sonya's task finally complete of eliminating the Black Dragon menace she radios in Jax of her completed mission and she returns to base.

Kitana is confronted by Mileena wanting Kitana's status as Princess of Edenia. Kitana tells her she has no right and they are not sisters, Mileena then attacks and uppercuts Kitana onto the throne. Kitana hits a button a drops Mileena into a prison. Kitana is escorted by some guards to meet with Goro on the peace treaty with the centaurs. The centaurs had agreed to all the terms and now awaited Goro's acceptance. Goro agreed and approached Kitana to sign the treaty; however just then a razor sharp hat flew across Goro slicing his chest, the hat flew back to the rafters where Kung Lao caught it.

Kitana asked Kung Lao how he could attack now since they are at peace. Goro then got up and asked Kung Lao if that was an attempt of an assassination. Kung Lao however did not intend to assassinate Goro; he told them that it was a ceremonial strike of revenge for his ancestor that Goro killed so many years ago. Kung Lao also said he wishes to make peace with Goro.

Goro then complimented the original Kung Lao he killed so many years ago and claimed that he was a brave and great warrior and Kung Lao should be proud of his accomplishments. Goro and Kung Lao then shook hands and Kung Lao's revenge had come to an end.

Instead of returning to the Earth realm when Shinnok was defeated, Reptile and Noob Saibot had learned that Shao Kahn was still alive and went back to work for Shao Kahn rather than suffer in the Netherrealm anymore.

Johnny Cage had returned to the Earthrealm and won an Oscar for his latest movie.

Cyrax sought out Jax and Sonya to help him restore his soul. Cyrax had flashbacks of being a human. However the procedure was dangerous and it did not work they would not be able to recover Cyrax's main processing unit. Cyrax acknowledged, to him it his existence was unnecessary if he could not recover his human soul. They went through the procedure and it was successful, Cyrax had become human once again and he pledged to work for the Special Forces instead of returning to the Lin Kuei, Cyrax then became a scout for the Outworld Investigation Agency in the realm of Outworld and given an upgrade in his arm console to include a inter-realm beacon to allow passage between the realms.

Sektor had returned back to base however and with his data corrupted by battling Outworlders, his new mission has to slay the Lin Kuei grandmaster and claim grandmaster of the clan.

Liu Kang returned to the Earthrealm with the threat over and once again the immortal champion of Mortal Kombat.

There are a few warriors however that seem to have disappeared; the whereabouts of Kai, Reiko, and Meat are unknown currently. Kabal began his search for the Red Dragon member Mavado.

The Deadly Alliance
 In the Netherrealm Scorpion's powers increased whereas Quan Chi's power decreased, Quan Chi was at the mercy of Scorpion. Scorpion, with new knowledge that Quan Chi had been the true murderer of his family has vowed to annihilate Quan Chi and will not stop until he is successful. Quan Chi was consistently on the run from Scorpion, however soon Quan Chi met two Netherrealm Onis named Moloch and Drahmin, who were attracted to him by the sound of a battle between him and Scorpion, and pleaded with the Oni to protect him from Scorpion and in return he promised to free Moloch and Drahmin from the Netherrealm, the two Onis were successful in brutalizing Scorpion.

Quan Chi however needed more information about the 5th plane of the Netherrealm to plan their escape, Drahmin then led Quan Chi to a structure that has ancient tablets and rune stones, it was blocked by stone debris but Drahmin was able to smash the larger pieces with his iron club and the trio walked into the structure.

Quan Chi's attention was caught by a rune stone picture that looked a lot like his amulet and Quan Chi went to investigate. The writing revealed the amulets power to manipulate inter-realm portals, he magically tattooed some of the information into his skin. However while reading the writing it smashed into dust with a shot of Scorpion's spear.

Quan Chi told the two Onis to intercept Scorpion again and they sprung into action to defend Quan Chi, and Quan Chi used this time to flee. Scorpion attacked Moloch while in his grasp and Moloch was bewildered enough to loosen just enough for Scorpion to escape and chase down Quan Chi. Moloch and Drahmin gave chase.

Up ahead Quan Chi opened up a portal and jumped through it and Scorpion followed him through it. When the Oni approached they realized it had not closed yet and they too crossed through the portal enraged that Quan Chi had left without them.

Later on however a Netherrealm demon Sareena had also passed through the same portal into Outworld. On the other side of the portal Quan Chi had stumbled into the tomb of the long forgotten Dragon King and his undefeatable army. Quan Chi read on the tomb that the dragon king's army was invincible and could be revived.

Quan Chi then had an idea and sought out another sorcerer, Shang Tsung.

Scorpion however ended up in some other place in the Outworld far from Quan Chi; Scorpion however could still sense Quan Chi and continues to pursue the sorcerer. Drahmin and Moloch too ended up in another part of the Outworld; upon arrival Drahmin's rotting flesh began attracting the Outworld rot flies. They had emerged next to a vaguely familiar large circular stone disk lying on its side.

Sareena learned to feed off the living aura from Outworld and regained her human form she no longer needed Quan Chi's sorcery to maintain her exterior beauty.

Edenia however was still not under Sindel and Kitana's control for Tanya still held Sindel captive by orders of Shao Kahn. After Princess Kitana had allied with the shokan she and prince Goro went to war against the weakened Shao Kahn to ensure he could not have a chance to take Edenia again and had been effective in engaging Kano's armies, but Kano had been successful in repelling the first attack.

Kitana did not know how long her troops could sustain the attacks.

Kitana's base camp was hidden in a valley on the eastern Outworld plains. Further to the East were the vampire people.

Occasionally the lookouts would spot a female vampire watching their camp; all attempts to capture the vampire so far have been unsuccessful.

Shao Kahn, knowing his power was being strained and that he was in danger of losing it, sent his servant Reptile to seek Shang Tsung and inquire his help with the war against Kitana and Goro. Reptile had found Shang Tsung, however Shang Tsung didn't recognize Reptile because of Reptile de-evolving due to him being away from his matriarch.

Shang Tsung mistook Reptile for an assassin and poised himself; Reptile perceived Shang Tsung's poise to be an offensive move and the two battled. Shang Tsung eventually recognized Reptile's fighting moves and ceased his attack, Reptile too calmed down and delivered Shao Kahn's orders and left.

It was around this time that Quan Chi had reached Shang Tsung's Acid Bath when suddenly he was attacked by Scorpion again, but unfortunately for Scorpion the sorcerer's powers had returned and Quan Chi was able to defend himself once again. The battle soon came to an end when Quan Chi used his rising star kick and sent Scorpion flying into the acid.

Shang Tsung had heard the battle, and upon Scorpion's defeat, applauded Quan Chi's victory. Quan Chi then lied to Shang Tsung telling him that Scorpion was waiting to attack Shang Tsung and he managed to stop Scorpion.

Shang Tsung believed that Quan Chi only defeated Scorpion with a lucky shot. Quan Chi then proposed the idea he had about an alliance between the two sorcerers. He told Shang Tsung that he could tap into the portal to the heavens and create a soulnado that would give Shang Tsung unlimited supply of souls and therefore immortality if Shang Tsung would use his soul transplantation talents to revive the Dragon King's undefeatable army and give Quan Chi military power.

At first Shang Tsung did not believe Quan Chi to be a worthy ally, however after Quan Chi demonstrated the Rising Star Kick while sparring with Shang Tsung, Shang Tsung became impressed with Quan Chi's fighting abilities then agreed to the alliance and gave each other a handshake to close the deal, however Shang Tsung did realize the risks of the alliance.

They then discussed that they had to eliminate the only two beings that could prevent the domination of the realms, Shao Kahn and Liu Kang.

Shang Tsung then used Shao Kahn's order to get within striking distance of the emperor. Unknown to the sorcerers however, Reptile had picked up the scent of blood of Quan Chi's battle with Scorpion and had been spying on them the entire time and overheard the plot of the sorcerers to assassinate Shao Kahn. Reptile was also smart enough to know he was no match for the two sorcerers by himself and decided it best to warn Shao Kahn.

Reptile then raced to Shao Kahn but along the way he was stopped by vampire named Nitara. Nitara had done research in the vampire archives of Reptile's raptor race and found he was apart of the Saurian race from Earthrealm that existed during the time of the dinosaurs, and further more a fool to be exploited. She had also found the only known artifact from the raptor civilization, the Kirehashi Blade, and offered it to Reptile out of friendship, Reptile accepted the gift. Nitara had also offered Reptile information in the location of Kitana's secret base; Reptile knew this information would be useful to the emperor.

Nitara however offered Reptile this information to allow the sorcerers follow through with the assassination plot, because she knew they would be unsuccessful if Reptile were there. Reptile, sensing no deceit, trusted Nitara then followed her to Kitana's base camp. After Reptile learned of the location, he raced back to Shao Kahn, eager to relay what he has learned.

Kitana and Goro made one last push against Kano's troops but Kano had managed once again to repel the attack. Furthermore the battle weary prince Goro had been attacked by the shadow warrior Noob Saibot that was sent by Shao Kahn. Noob Saibot and Goro battled but Noob Saibot managed to gain the upper hand and mortally wounded Goro. Goro was brought back to the camp where Kitana stayed by his side until Goro passed.

On the battlefield much to Kitana's surprise Kano had retreated, Kano had gone to tell Shao Kahn of the victory but he had arrived to see Shao Kahn in a battle between the two sorcerers Shang Tsung and Quan Chi, Kano had decided to hide behind a pillar and wait and side with the winner of outcome.

At first it seemed as if Shao Kahn would emerge victorious, but the sorcerers proved too powerful and slayed Shao Kahn.

Kano emerged from the shadows and pledged his allegiance to the deadly alliance. The sorcerers then commanded Tanya to maintain Edenia for the deadly alliance. The sorcerers also found Baraka and enlisted his and his band of Tarkatan warriors services.

With Shao Kahn's death Noob Saibot is now free to choose his own destiny and sets out to look for assassins loyal to him.

The sorcerers then traveled to Earthrealm together by means of the celestial portal, which was known only to sorcerers and deities, and to earn the right they had to defeat a representation of their greatest enemy, Shang Tsung had to fight Quan Chi and Quan Chi had to fight himself.

Reptile soon arrived to Shao Kahn only to find him dead, he could smell the magic in the air and knew it was Shang Tsung and Quan Chi, his detour to Kitana's base camp allowed just enough time for the sorcerers to spring their attack. Reptile then wandered Outworld aimlessly blaming himself for Shao Kahn's death, soon he happened into Nitara again and in a desperate need of a master offered his allegiance to her, and this time he vowed to serve his master well.

Reptile however was starting to hallucinate because of his depression over Shao Kahn's death. Reptile started seeing Nitara as the sorcerers and attacked Nitara. Soon he came to his senses. Nitara then commanded Reptile to engage the Earth warrior named Cyrax and destroy his arm panel to prevent him from returning to the Earth realm.

Reptile did so and was successful, however soon Reptile hit Cyrax ribcage so hard he thought he had broke it open, but much to his surprise he saw a creature with teeth come out, it was Cyrax's saw move, Reptile fled in fear. Cyrax now must find another way to return to Earth.

Reptile thought he had failed another master.

Nitara had found the location of the portal sphere that bounded her realm to the Outworld and soon Nitara approached Cyrax and told him she would return him home if he would aid her in retrieving the portal sphere that was resting in molten lava. Cyrax's cybernetic exterior was resistant to the lava for a short period of time and he was the only person who could have a chance to reach it. Though he did not fully trust Nitara, Cyrax agreed to go with her to the sphere for the chance to return to Earth.

During their travels Cyrax was attacked by the two Oni Moloch and Drahmin, when they were about to eat Cyrax, he had released a bomb, when the bomb exploded; the Onis ran fearing another attack. The Oni then spent their time in the woods close to a town eating mortals that came too close.

When Cyrax had not reported back at the pre-designated time, Jax knew something was wrong and sent in their new recruit Kenshi to search for Cyrax, Kenshi's ulterior motive for going was to also seek out the sorcerer Shang Tsung.

Shang Tsung and Quan Chi upon arrival of the Earth realm find Liu Kang practicing his Kata. Shang Tsung morphed as Kung Lao approached Liu Kang to attack. When Shang Tsung approached he immediately shifted back to his regular self and Liu Kang noticed him. Liu Kang and Shang Tsung had battled each other and Liu Kang was at first winning and would have surely defeated Shang Tsung however Quan Chi did a sneak attack and threw a skull at Liu Kang temporarily stunning him, this gave Shang Tsung the moment he needed to approach Liu Kang and break his neck.

Shang Tsung then took Liu Kang's soul. Kung Lao later discovered his friend's broken body.

The agent Kenshi had learned of the alliance between Quan Chi and Shang Tsung while in Outworld, he also found the ninja Ermac. He realized that Ermac had been violated by Shao Kahn much the same way as Kenshi's ancestors were violated by Shang Tsung. Kenshi sympathized with Ermac and released him from the emperor's control and in return Ermac taught Kenshi telekinetic powers. Kenshi then relayed his information to Jax back in the Earthrealm then traveled back to Outworld.

The sorcerers then located the Red Dragon member Mavado and wanted him to destroy the techno portals to prevent the Earth warriors to travel to Outworld and in return they would offer the Red Dragon asylum during their invasion, Mavado accepted and ordered Hsu Hao to destroy the portal and rendezvous with Mavado in Outworld. Hsu Hao gained access to an Ion Pulse Bomb and made his way to the techno portal; he barely evaded Jax and made it to the bunker that housed the portal.

Hsu Hao powered up the portal and switched on the bomb, and he escaped into the portal just as the Jax came in after receiving Kenshi's news. Sonya Blade was demolishing ancient inter-realm portals in the East when she was contacted by Jax about the Outerworld Investigation Agency being destroyed. They knew that an attack was imminent but had no means to prevent the attacks.

Kenshi when upon arrival to Outworld realized his portal beacon no longer worked and he too was trapped in Outworld. Shang Tsung also requested of Mavado to eliminate the Special Forces spy Kenshi who has been spying on Shang Tsung for awhile and Mavado could name his price, Mavado shocked on learning that the Black Dragon member Kano was still alive requested an opportunity to fight Kano as payment for slaying Kenshi.

Mavado then traveled with Shang Tsung and Quan Chi to the celestial portal to the Outworld and Mavado had to defeat his greatest enemy which came in the form of Shang Tsung, he defeated Shang Tsung and in the Outworld Mavado parted ways with the sorcerers to find Kenshi.

Shang Tsung and Quan Chi then commanded their Black Dragon friend Kano to attack a village of people that occupied Outworld. Kano came to invade under the banner of the deadly alliance. However there was one girl by the name of Mi Lei who resisted, Li Mei grew up in the presence of great martial arts masters and has learned to become a skilled fighter, Li Mei fought bravely and bested many of Kano's men and may have bested Kano himself if Quan Chi had not interfered.

Quan Chi realized Li Mei's fighting spirit and greatly wanted her soul transplanted into one of the undefeatable army soldiers and made Li Mei an offer that if she could win the deadly alliance tournament at Shang Tsung's palace she and her people would be set free, if she did not win her people would remain slaves and Li Mei would have to serve the deadly alliance, Li Mei had no choice but to accept.

Kano's troops were successful in destroying the town and enslaving her people. The sorcerers then commanded the people to build Shang Tsung's fortress near an ancient stone structure near a plateau under the threat of death. Li Mei's people considered this relic sacred, they had believed that it was a portal to the heavens and left by the gods themselves, when Quan Chi used his amulet to open the portal it was clear to Li Mei that the legends were true.

Some time after the Palace's construction was completed Shang Tsung found and allied with the two Oni Moloch and Drahmin. Shang Tsung kept the two Oni in the lower chamber of his palace and periodically fed them mortals to keep them satisfied and if in the event Quan Chi betrayed Shang Tsung he would unleash the vengeful Onis on him.  Shang Tsung then began to transport the army and food for the Onis on a transport ship from the Dragon King's tomb to his new palace and started transplanting the souls into the dead soldiers.

Back in the Earthrealm Sektor is successful in slaying the grandmaster but is stopped from taking the dragon medallion by Sub-Zero. Sub-Zero and Sektor battled each other for the right to become to grandmaster of the Lin Kuei. Sub-Zero defeated Sektor and claimed the dragon medallion as well as the new grandmaster. Sektor then fled to Japan to start his own clan of cybernetic ninjas. The dragon medallion gave Sub-Zero many edges, it greatly improved his normal fighting skills, enhanced his freezing powers in unexpected ways, his strength increased, allowed him to make weapons from solid ice by surrounding water vapor, and gave him new moves.

Sub-Zero then vowed to transform the Lin Kuei to a force for good and relocated the Lin Kuei base to a remote location in the frozen artic, there he found a temple frozen into a glacier and the Lin Kuei were able to continue to hone their skills without interruption. Sub-Zero then held a tournament to recruit new Lin Kuei members, the winner was a female named Frost who had similar freezing abilities as Sub-Zero.

Sub-Zero, breaking Lin Kuei traditions, took it upon himself to train many new members but concentrated mostly on Frost; he was able to increase her powers but, unfortunately not, humility as her arrogance grew with her skills.

Raiden and the other Elder gods had watched the action of the two sorcerers and their instability of the realms. Raiden pleaded with the other Elder gods to take action however the other Elder gods stood firm in their decision of not interfering. Being disgusted by the answer Raiden relinquished his status of Elder God and returned to Earthrealm to gather support against Shang Tsung and Quan Chi.

The first warrior that Raiden contacted was Kung Lao, Kung Lao had already discovered Liu Kang's dead body, however Raiden was the one who informed Kung Lao that Shang Tsung dealt the death blow. Kung Lao was enraged to hear the news and abandoned his Shaolin beliefs and swore revenge against Shang Tsung. Raiden instructed Kung Lao to go to Shang Tsung's old island fortress and await his arrival.

Raiden then contacted Jax next and instructed him to meet the other warriors on the island fortress where the original Mortal Kombat took place.

Johnny Cage was in the middle of a new movie that was not going well for him when Raiden appeared to him, at first Johnny Cage thought it was the actor Raiden in his current movie project, however when he saw the actor Raiden eating donuts he realized that Raiden had returned, Johnny Cage was instructed to go to the island fortress as well.

Next Raiden visited the new home of the reformed Lin Kuei and asked Sub-Zero for help, Sub-Zero was eager to help to prove to the world that the Lin Kuei was indeed a force for good. Although it was unusual for the grandmaster to take on a dangerous journey, he felt he had to gain the respect of his fellow Lin Kuei. Sub-Zero then asked if his new accomplice Frost could accompany them, his reason was to hope she would seek enlightenment from real world battles and to rid her of her arrogance. Raiden at first thought Frost wasn't experienced enough as a warrior to fight the deadly alliance, but after testing her skills welcomed her assistance. Little did Sub-Zero know that Frost had other intentions in going to fight in the Outworld.

The last warrior Raiden reached was Sonya Blade, she had already been in touch with Jax and learned of the destruction of her base and had expressed concern about the destroyed portals, and was ready to help Raiden in any way she could. Raiden then instructed her to meet the other warriors at the island fortress where he would address the issue.

Kung Lao had been the first to arrive followed by Sonya Blade, Sonya noticed Kung Lao had been depressed but Kung Lao would not offer an explanation, the two sparred while waiting for the other warriors. By the late afternoon a small boat made of ice floated to shore, the Lin Kuei Sub-Zero and his new accomplice Frost arrived. Sonya Blade however disliked Frost and the two had a quick skirmish.

By nightfall Jax arrived and Johnny Cage came gliding in with a parachute and they lit a fire. They all discussed strategies to combat the deadly alliance. When the fire reached full height Raiden appeared and had recapped the sorcerer's actions, though Kung Lao already knew everyone else was shocked to hear Liu Kang was dead.

Raiden then brought to the surface Shang Tsung's sunken ship that had been used to bring warriors to his island. The Earth warriors boarded the ship and took them to the celestial portal; no one mentioned the fact that the ship was not being steered. Raiden then raised his hand and an enormous storm formed, off to the side was the celestial portal.

Each warrior had to defeat their greatest enemy, for Raiden it was Quan Chi, while Sonya had to fight Mavado.

In the Outworld the Earth warriors went their separate ways, Jax began a mission to hunt down the traitor Hsu Hao and show him no mercy when he finds him.

Sub-Zero and Frost traveled together to search for the Deadly Alliance, however during their travels Frost betrays Sub-Zero and tries to take his Dragon Medallion, he lacked discipline and could not control it and was consumed by her freezing ability. Frost died shortly afterwards and Sub-Zero began looking for a place to bury Frost, soon Sub-Zero found an ancient structure along a mountainside. While inspecting the ruins he came across a structure that told of a lost race that mastered the cold. After thorough study he concluded that he and Frost were descendants of these people. Sub-Zero then put Frost's body in a sarcophagus and picked up armor that he found there and continued his search for the Deadly Alliance, he killed many Tarkatan warriors along the way.

Sonya tried to locate her fellow agents trapped in Outworld. Sonya eventually ran into the Red Dragon Mavado. Mavado had been confused as to how Sonya got to Outworld after Hsu Hao destroyed the portals, but he decided he needed to take out Sonya to continue his search for Kenshi in secret. Mavado and Sonya had a battle and Mavado defeated Sonya and continued his hunt. Mavado was ambushed by another Special Forces member Jax. Jax was looking for Hsu Hao; however he saw the same mark of the Red Dragon on Mavado's back and decided to confront him. Mavado finally defeated Jax as well and eventually found Kenshi in a town high in the mountains, and the two warriors's squared off. Kenshi was defeated by the Red Dragon Mavado and left for dead.

Kung Lao had realized his skills would be no match for Shang Tsung and decided to seek out Liu Kang's old master Bo Rai Cho to improve his skills. Princess Kitana was on her way to a portal back to Edenia when she met Kung Lao, Kung Lao told Kitana about the deadly alliance and Liu Kang's death. As Kitana's army was breaking camp there was a loud commotion. Reptile had broken into the camp and was angrily attacking the troops, the men were able but no match for Reptile and Reptile took down many men. Kitana then interfered and stopped Reptile from doing further harm. Reptile had fled to the East afterwards. She commanded her commanders to remain at camp, Kitana had decided to increase her skills and follow Kung Lao to learn from Bo Rai Cho.

Kitana's army was attacked by the undefeatable army under the deadly alliance banner. The soldiers clashed with each other but Kitana's army was easily cut down by the undead soldiers. The soldier's souls then left their bodies and flew off into the distance attracted to Shang Tsung's soulnado. Kitana then attended Goro's funeral as his body was lowered into the molten lava in the Kuatan Palace and held a moment of silence for Liu Kang.

Afterwards Kung Lao and Kitana finally found Bo Rai Cho. Bo Rai Cho intensely trained the two and gave Kung Lao a greater edge then he gave Liu Kang and taught Kung Lao the Whirlwind Kick and Kitana the Pretty Kick to improve their skills.

Kabal had finally caught up with the Red Dragon Mavado and killed him and reclaimed his Hookswords, Kabal then set off for his next quest.

Scorpion then found Shang Tsung's Palace and decided to sneak through the lower chambers on finding Quan Chi. However Moloch and Drahmin lived in the lower chambers and ambushed Scorpion. Scorpion fought fell but was overpowered by Moloch and Drahmin. Since Scorpion was a specter they could not consume him so they brought him up into the main palace and threw Scorpion into the soulnado.  His body would have been ripped by the purity of the souls had he not escaped into the void where he set his eyes upon the Elder Gods.

Three warriors were not seen after this conflict, no one knows what has happened to Kano, Sareena, and Hsu Hao.

In the lava chamber Cyrax had searched and found the orb to Nitara's vampire realm, Nitara sent Cyrax back to the Earthrealm and smashed the orb and awoke later on in her home world. However Reptile later appeared and sensed that Nitara and Cyrax were recently there, unknown to Reptile however is that Shujinko had finished collecting the Kamidogus and the Dragon egg shot a beam at Reptile, transforming his body into the Dragon King, Onaga.

Bo Rai Cho then traveled with Kung Lao to battle the deadly alliance, and this time it was to protect the his realm from two evil sorcerers and he was no longer restricted in competing. Bo Rai Cho then headed alone and fought his way through Tarkatan hordes into Shang Tsung's Palace and found that Li Mei's soul was being transplanted into a dead Dragon King soldier, Bo Rai Cho quickly interfered and snatched Li Mei away and took her to safety. An alarm was sounded and a group of Tarkatan warriors chased Bo Rai Cho to the bridge. Fortunately on the other side of the bridge Bo Rai Cho met Raiden who was leading the Earth warriors Kung Lao, Sonya, Kitana, Jax, and Johnny Cage into battle. They defeated the pursuing Tarkatan warriors. Bo Rai Cho however was concerned for Li Mei's safety and took her away while bidding the Earth warriors a glorious victory.

Kung Lao and Kitana finally confronted the deadly alliance. Kung Lao squared off with Shang Tsung and Kitana engaged Quan Chi in an intense battle. However they lost their fight with Shang Tsung and Quan Chi and soon afterwards the other Earth warriors that Raiden led into battle was defeated as well. Jade arrived at the site where they feel a little late and knelt beside Kitana when she saw Onaga approaching, she leapt out of sight and watched Onaga resurrect Kitana, Jax, Sonya, Kung Lao, and Johnny Cage and told them to regroup near the Living Forest, Jade followed in secret.

Return of the Dragon King
Shujinko knew he had messed up when he found out about the return of Onaga, and he dedicated to find warriors and help undo the problem he created. The Earthrealm warriors have failed to defeat the deadly alliance of Shang Tsung and Quan Chi and many Tarkatan warriors lay defeated outside Shang Tsung's palace. In the end only Raiden, having defied the Elder Gods wishes stood to confront the deadly alliance. A battle ensued between the sorcerers and the God of thunder. Raiden fought well and for a time it seemed like victory would be his but the might of both Shang Tsung and Quan Chi proved too much for even Raiden as Shang Tsung blasted Raiden with a fire snake from the power of his souls. As Raiden lay on the ground the sorcerers realized that they won and their alliance had seemingly been undone as they both smiled evilly and prepared to do battle with each other.

Quan Chi wins the battle and turns to the tunnel and hears a sound approaching him and it turns out to be the ancient ruler of the Outworld the Dragon King—Onaga!

Quan Chi is bewildered and wonders how it can be that the Dragon King had returned. Quan Chi then starts to fight for his life and trying to attack the Dragon King but had been unsuccessful, Shang Tsung then regains consciousness and realized how much of a danger they were in began to assist Quan Chi in attacking the Dragon King, however they still were unsuccessful, soon Raiden regained consciousness and began to assist the sorcerers by throwing lightning bolts at the dragon king, however still they were no match for the Dragon King.

Raiden soon became aware of how obsolete their attacks were to the dragon king and then began to charge a light ball prepared to make a huge sacrifice in order to stop the Dragon King as Quan Chi was screaming at what Raiden was doing. Raiden then released the ethereal blast and destroyed the whole palace and manages to even destroy some tarkatan warriors standing outside the palace. Raiden's sacrifice had been in vain for the blast had little effect on the Dragon King.

Shortly afterwards when Bo Rai Cho was bringing Li Mei back to health he heard about the Earth warriors defeat and was concerned for Outworld's future without their help. Bo Rai Cho spends very little time training Li Mei, but it is enough for Li Mei to want to help liberate Outworld from Onaga, though she feels an odd attraction to Onaga. Onaga now holds Shinnok's ancient amulet that was left behind by Quan Chi, and is able to make the realms as he sees fit.

In the void Scorpion is noticed by the Elder Gods, the Elder Gods transformed him into their champion to stop Onaga from merging the realms together. Onaga was immediately able to gain allies afterwards.

Hotaru offered his services and the city of Lei Chen, the city he has controlled for many years, at his disposal.

Baraka offered him and his Tarkatan warriors to Onaga's control. Onaga told Baraka to join him in invading Edenia, while there Baraka caught up with Tanya and told her to join Onaga or die, Tanya pledged her services to Onaga as well. The Tarkatan warriors eventually managed to capture Sindel and held her in her own prison in Edenia.

Onaga then sent Kitana to guard her mother knowing that Sindel would not attack her own daughter. Baraka had also freed Mileena from the Edenian prison and tells her of his new master Onaga. Baraka also informs Mileena that Onaga is in possession of Kitana and uses her as a bodyguard. If Mileena wants revenge she has to serve the Dragon King by posing as Princess Kitana and leading the Edenian army away into Baraka's Tarkatan ambushes. Mileena does so and when Bo Rai Cho comes to meet with Kitana, Mileena who is posing as Kitana gives Bo Rai Cho command of the Edenian army.

Later the Tarkatan tells Hotaru of the ninja Sub-Zero and how he killed so many Tarkatan warriors, wanting to stop uprisings against Onaga, Hotaru set out to kill Sub-Zero, however when he meets Sub-Zero he loses the battle and Sub-Zero believes him to be dead.

Jade had since returned to Edenia and found that the Tarkatan had already imprisoned Sindel and saw that Kitana guarded her. Jade had no problem attacking Kitana since she knew Kitana was under Onaga's spell. Jade defeated Kitana and locked her in a cell; however Kitana screamed and alerted the enemy. Jade turned around in time to catch a glimpse of Onaga and the traitor Tanya before escaping through the portal. Sindel and Jade arrived in Outworld to find anything they could about Onaga, they knew Onaga was searching for something in Edenia and believes that it is ancient texts that Shao Kahn had left behind so many years ago. Tanya then begins to lead Onaga to where she believed the Kamidogu fusion information existed.

After Shang Tsung died in Raiden's explosion, Liu Kang's soul was free to ascend the heavens, however he had witnessed the battles between Raiden and his friends against the Deadly Alliance and had decided to remain in Outworld to assist in freeing his friends. Liu Kang eventually met with the recently freed warrior Ermac, Ermac wanted to atone for his atrocities he committed under the control of Shao Kahn. He agreed to help Liu Kang liberate his friends from Onaga's control. Liu Kang also came to realize that his body is being controlled by some unknown force that uses it to kill innocents, though it is not actually Liu Kang committing these atrocities he felt it was his duty to stop his body from doing further harm.

Noob Saibot was in the Outworld searching Shao Kahn's prison for allies when he happened upon the disabled Smoke, having been a former Lin Kuei warrior it was easy for him to reshape and reprogram the cyborg to serve him.

In the Netherrealm Ashrah became aware of Noob Saibot, a powerful demon, and thinks that if she can slay him she can finally escape the Netherrealm.

Sub-Zero found Kenshi and aided him in recovery. Sub-Zero traveled together and Kenshi's ancestors returned to his sword and told him that Shang Tsung was dead, though Kenshi didn't know how or by whom. They traveled to the portal that brought Sub-Zero to Outworld and he noticed that Sub-Zero's armor was charred; he said it was from a battle between him and a warrior named Hotaru but that he had already defeated him, Kenshi is not convinced however since he can detect a presence following them the last few days.

In the Earthrealm Kabal had started working on reforming the Black Dragon gang. He followed a woman named Kira who sold weapons to terrorist groups disguised as a man in Afghanistan, in one transaction the terrorist finds out that Kira is a woman and tries to kill her. Kira fights her way out of the cave and Kabal offered her to join a more ruthless and more calculating Black Dragon clan that would have the potential to cause the downfall of civilizations itself. Later Kabal and Kira was in New York City for more recruits, they eventually found Kobra, a martial artist who turned to crime of murder and looting. The law finally caught up with Kobra and he was arrested, however when they were en route to bring Kobra to the police station they were ambushed by Kabal and Kira, the officers were slain and Kobra joined the ranks of the Black Dragon. Together they travel to test their skills against Onaga.

In another part of the Earthrealm Nightwolf received visions about the return of Onaga, he put into motion a plan to consume the sins of his people and become a sin-eater to defeat Onaga, the only concern Nightwolf has is that he will also become a threat to his friends, regardless Nightwolf believes this to be necessary and uses his souls corruption to enact his plan in the Netherrealm.

Dairou, a former Seidan guardsman before being incarcerated for giving into chaos also returned, had been hired to kill the Seidan guardsman Hotaru and Darrius hired him to help steal the Declaration of Order for Darrius' resistance.

Raiden's energies eventually returned to Raiden, this time Raiden is a lot more impatient with mortals. He has become disgusted by the number of times mortals put the Earthrealm in danger for glory, every Earth warrior must now fight for Earth or be destroyed by Raiden.

Later the warrior Havik leads the warriors to where the Onaga is in an attempt to keep Chaos reigning forever...

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