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Sic Digital's Mortal Kombat Realm
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Choose Your Fighter:
SmokeJadeNoob SaibotTOASTY!
To Do a Babality or Friendship, You Can't Use any Punches on the Winning Round...

Liu Kang
Flying Kick- F,F,HK
Bicycle Kick- hold LK 4 seconds
High Fireball- F,F,HP
Low Fireball- F,F,LP

Fatality: Dragon Bite- D,F,B,B,HK
Fatality: Cartwheel- (away) rotate pad 360 degrees away
Babality- D,D,F,B,LK
Frienship- F,B,B,B,LK

Kung Lao
Hat Throw- B,F,LP
Ground Teleport- D,U
Whirlwind Spin- (hold block) U,U,LK (repeat to continue)
Aerial Kick- D + HK

Fatality: Hat Slice- (sweep, hold block) F,F,F,LK
Fatality: Decapitation- (full, hold LP) B,B,B,F, (release then aim)
Pit- F,F,F,HP
Babality- B,B,F,F,HK
Friendship- B,B,B,D,HK

Johnny Cage
Low Bolt- D,F,LP
High Bolt- D,B,HP
Shadow Uppercut- F,D,F,HP
Shadow Kick- B,F,LK
Ball Breaker- BL + LP

Fatality: Torso Rip- D,D,F,F,LP
Fatality: Decapitation- F,F,D,U
(for triple decapitation, after above, hold D+LK+LP+BL)
Pit- D,D,D,HK
Babality- B,B,B,HK
Frienship- D,D,D,D,HK

Acid Spit- F,F,HP
Slide- B+LP+BL+LK
Force Ball- B,B,HP+LP
Invisibility- (hold BL) U,U,D,HP

Fatality: Cephalic Dinner- (away) 2B-D-LP
Fatality: Invisible Slice- (make invisible) F,F,D,HK
Pit- D,F,F,BL
Babality- D,B,B,LK
Friendship- B,B,D,LK

Iceball- D,F,LP
Ground Freeze- D,B,LK
Slide- B+LP+LK+BL

Pit- D,F,F,BL
Babality- D,B,B,HK
Friendship- B,B,D,LK
Fatality: Ice Shatter- (away) F,F,D,HK, then F,D,F,F,HP
Fatality: Ice Grenade- (full, hold low punch) B,B,D,F, (release LP)

Shang Tsung
Flaming Skull- B,B,HP
Double Flaming Skulls- B,B,F,HP
Triple Flaming Skulls- B,B,F,F,HP

Liu Kang- B,F,F,BL
Jax- D,F,B,HK
Kung Lao- B,D,B,HK
Mileena- (hold HP 3 seconds)
Johnny Cage- B,B,D,LP
Baraka- D,D,LK
Reptile- (hold BL) U,D,HP
Scorpion- (hold BL) U,U
Sub Zero- F,D,F,HP
Raiden- D,B,F,LK
Kitana- BL,BL,BL

Fatality: Soul Steal- (close, hold block) U,D,U,LK
Death from Within- (sweep, hold HK 5 seconds)
Kintaro Massacre- (hold LP 30 seconds, or whole round)
Pit- (hold BL) D,D,U,D,LK
Babality- B,F,D,HK
Friendship- B,B,D,F,HK

Fan Swipe- B+HP
Fan Throw- F,F,HP+LP
Fan Lift- B,B,B,HP
Aerial Punch- D,B,HP

Fatality: Kiss of Death- (close, hold LK) F,D,F,F,(release LK)
Fatality: Decapitation- (close) BL,BL,BL,HK
Pit- F,D,F,HK
Babality- D,D,D,LK
Friendship- D,D,D,U,LK

Ground Smash- (hold LK 3 seconds)
Back Breaker- BL (in air)
Gotcha Grab- F,F,LP (repeat LP for more hits)
Quadruple Slam- (after throwing) HP+LP
Enegy Wave- D,B,HK

Head Crush- (close, hold LP) F,F,F,(release LP)
Arm Rip- (sweep) BL,BL,BL,LP
Pit- U,U,D,LK
Babality- D,U,D,U,LK
Friendship- D,D,U,U,LK

Teleport Kick- F,F,LK
Ground Roll- B,B,D,HK
Sai Throw (hold HP 3 seconds, also in air)

Fatality: Maim- (close) F,B,F,LP
Fatality: Inhale- (sweep, hold HK 3 seconds)
Pit- F,D,F,LK
Babality- D,D,D,LK
Friendship- D,D,U,HK

Double Kick- HK,HK
Blade Swipe- B+HP
Blade Fury- B,B,B,LP
Blade Spark- D,B,LK

Fatality: Decapitate- (hold block, close) B,B,B,B,HP
Fatality: Impale- (close) B,F,D,F,LP
Pit- F,F,D,HK
Babality- F,F,F,HK
Friendship- (hold block) U,U,F,F,HK

Spear- B,B,LP
Teleport Punch- D,B,HP
Leg Grab D,B,LP
Air Throw- BL (in air only)

Fatality: Fire Breath- (half) U,U,HP
Fatality: Toasty!- (anywhere) D,D,U,U,HP
Fatality: Torso Slice- (close, hold HP) F,F,F,(release HP)
Pit- D,F,F,BL
Babality- D,B,B,HK
Friendship- B,B,D,HK

Body Launch- B,B,F
Lightning- D,F,LP
Teleport- D,U
Electrocution- (hold HP 4 seconds)

Fatality: Electrocution- (hold LK 6 seconds), then repeat BL+LK
Fatality: Uppercut of Might- (close, hold HP then 5 seconds)
Pit- (hold block) U,U,U,HP
Babality- D,D,U,HK
Friendship- D,B,F,LK



Noob Saibot


Random Select
Hold Up+Start (Liu Kang - P1; Reptile - P2)

Disable Throws (Vs. Mode Only)
After both characters select their fighter, both players hold Down+HP.  A message will confirm.

Fight Jade:
Progess through the game until the match before the "?."  Defeat your opponent using ONLY low kicks.  The "?" will now be Jade.

Fight Smoke:
On the Outworld Portal stage, press Down+Start when the "Toasty!" guy appears.

Fight Noob:
Win 50 consecutive matches

Accumilate 250 matches in Vs. mode.  Both players can play Pong.

Stages with "Pit Fatalities:"
The Pit II, Kombat Tomb, Dead Pool

Slide Off the Spikes:
When a player gets uppercutted into the ceiling spikes on the Kombat Tomb, if both players hold Down, the dead fighter will slide off the spikes and hit the ground.